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Saturday, January 7, 2017

B is for Bonus Post

Well, you didn't think I'd confine you to 24 hours of looking at the rest of today's posted crap did you? It's the first post-Christmas day of the New Year - that's got to be worth celebrating!

We've seen it before here, but today's shots are not collaged so each should enlarge in 'New Tab' to an exra-embiggened state of embiggeration!

Box-ticker really, Timpo 'Plasma Tent', in reality it's a scrim-net off-cut 'basher'with a stretcher-case who happens to have a plasma bottle hooked to the net, but when you're 8 years old plasma-tent sounds better than non-combative injured Allied soldier getting in the way!

I've lost the ammo-box which doubles as a first-aid kit, but hopefully it's still in the bottom of the tub? If not he can hold a weapon, but that makes them both a target - Doh!


Jan Ferris said...

Nice mini scene you have here.

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Jan - really just getting stuff off the laptop!