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Thursday, January 5, 2017

C is for Chopper

And not a Triumph, Harley Davidson or an Indian 'Iron Horse' anywhere to be seen! Nor a hover-boarding graffiti-hooligan - one for the 2000AD fans there! Although; that might be a duplicate title; there's not many but - they are starting to sneak-in!

We've looked at some other shots from this photo-session in the past (probably when we last used the title!), here's another one . . . a line-up of vaguely 1:76th/72nd scale two or four-seater helicopters from various Far Eastern origins, from the left:
  • ·         Modern Chinese generic, basically a Jet-Ranger/OH-58 Kiowa shape in military paint, all plastic (styrene body and bed, propylene rotor-blades) and pretty-much current.

  • ·         Zee/Zyll/Zylmex (and others) M.A.S.H. Bell-13/-47/'Sioux' with a die-cast body and plastic detailing in ethylene (coloured pieces/details) and styrene (canopy).

  • ·         Classic late-1970's - mid-80's rack-toy inclusion; a very simple moulding of a Bell Huey Cobra gunship, grandmother of all modern attack-helicopters - hence AH-1!

  • ·         Die-cast and plastic OH-6 Cayuse type recce/liaison/observation-type, like the first; from 'China' rather than Hong Kong.

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