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Monday, January 30, 2017

C is for Contribution Week - IV - Silvercorn from Brian the Different . . .

. . . Brian, being in fact Uncle Brian of A Fistful of Plastic! Helping us return to Silvercorn quicker than I anticipated.

Always happy to be proved wrong, especially when it gets more figures on the 'wants' list, you may remember the exchange of comments last time we looked at Silvercorn, well I got this from Brian a while later:

With the intriguing note "Please find attached a picture of the green and tan Silver Corn figures. I have found my set of the Silver Corn aircraft and will send you pictures of them soon." So, that puts my question-mark over the sandy chaps to bed - they do exist! But then: Aircraft?

Only for these to turn up a month or so after that . . .

. . . same little suitcase as already seen over at PSR, the contents . . .

. . . pretty-much as I predicted, but a little bigger perhaps, I was thinking of something more in line with the ships at three or four models to a frame - around 1:300; what you get is at least 8 different aircraft types somewhere between 1:144th scale or 1:200th (?) scale, packed as randomly as the ships or figures, with some doubled-up and some singlies.

I love those little Chinooks; I think I've said before - one of the few times in my life I was really shit-scared-frightened was in a Chinook with a Bedford 4-Ton'er as a slung load, and feeling the wagon pulling my seat away from my butt as the chopper banked, I really thought we were going to fall out of the sky! Or at least be pulled out of the sky by our load, 'Ginge' Hyatt - the MT driver I was 'guarding' looked as white as a sheet too; while the load-master just grinned at us - the fucker!

Construction is as simple as the vessels, basically necessitated by the getting of a maximum set of frames into each case rather than for constructional/hobby purposes; just laying the sticky-up bits flat!

Not that you'd know that from the packaging, reading it in the shop:


'Similar Injuries'? I think I'll take my chances in a Chinook, thanks!

And thanks indeed to Uncle Brian tor sending these to the blog.


Gisby said...

Oddly enough, I have the Silvercorn vehicles set: It IS green and tan, no extra coloured bits. 2 kinds of tank, lorries, APCs and sorta-Hummvees, but the quantities of each differ between the two colours.

Hugh Walter said...

Ah! Do they have little wheel/axle pieces that are pinched between the two halves of the vehicles?

Any chance of some photo's?

Thanks for the confirm anyway!


Gisby said...

Check your inbox, photos are sent.

Hugh Walter said...

Nothing there and I checked my junk folder too?


Gisby said...

Re-sent, but to the correct address!

Gisby said...

Hugh! When you look at the pictures, I just found another tan HumVee and turretless APC. So they weren't all in the box. Still not, I guess, I left them downstairs.

Gisby said...

Hugh, did you get the pictures?

Hugh Walter said...

I'm eMailing you in a minute! yes is the short answer!


Gisby said...

7 HUGE emails sent. I had to re-edit from the camera, I only had the smaller images on my PC. Remember, I have since found a tan turretless APC and HumVee, not shown.