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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

C is for Contribution Week - V - Poopertrooper! From Brian

Or to be exact "Silly Dilly Sky Diving Poopatrooper With Parachute Attached" as imported by Imperial in the early 1970's. Except that this chap looks to be a denser vinyl and larger than the Imperial (knock-off?) ones? He's close enough for the moniker though!

Knowing - only too well - my passion for paratroopers (I wonder how many of you followed that link the other day?), Brian sent this a couple of weeks ago; a near mint (but paint'less) 'Poopatrooper' with what looks to be an unused parachute;

Brian was rather taken by the worried countenance of the chap - all the Poopatroopers were in daft poses but without clear expressions due to their over-emphasised googles, this guy doesn't seem to be enjoying the sky-diving experience! Otherwise the pictures speak for themselves so . . .

As hinted above; this is unpainted, unlike the Poopatroopers in the '72 catalogue (and others) which are a soft silicone rubber with paint highlights like Imperial's Cuddly Wuddlys, dinosaurs or their Chinese dragons etc.

So Brian's is most likely another company's earlier import, but with that caveat left, I'll tag them Imperial anyway as he's as close-as for people searching for them on t'Internet!

Picture zz

Mine (which we've seen long-shots of here) is an Imperial type, daft pose but no real facial expression although from the back-pack; clearly a copy of Brian's.

Thanks again Brian, maybe someone can put a brand-name to this superior 'Poopatrooper'?

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