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Monday, January 9, 2017

M is for More - There's Always More!

Given everything that's happened vis-à-vis a wholly invented Asian marine dock complex (and the toy-based industrial estate supplying it!), misappropriated catalogue images and the Japanese health ministry thing, I will put the News, Views scheduled for yesterday, and a few other things on-hold for the time being, and get some more new crap out of Picasa, along with a few box-tickers.

To that end, and because it requires no real blurb (I'm clean out of words after all that other crap! I'm down at Poundland for vape-juice tomorrow; I'll see if they have a bunch I can weave into decent paragraphs), these are shots left-over from the previous post on the subject (Tim-Mee's 54mm 'Army Men'; the original army men!). When we looked at them last time - a little under a year ago - we looked at them by pose, this lot are photographed by maker/batch instead - may be of some use?

Round-up to compare with earlier sample, see how they grow!

Brian Berke kindly sent the Blog a donation (lower samples poses)
of originals, so I've got all but one now - see link at end!
Pretty bog-standard marked 'Hong Kong' copies from the 1970's.
Another with a different mark.
Odds and Sods, unmarked but probably
Hong Kong.
Unmarked and probably HK, but from
the colony's 'hand-back' period when production
was migrating to the mainland.

The odd set which looks a bit like Revell US Paratroops!
Three earlier 'China' poses and
an unmarked lone - probably - HK guy.

Reasonably current China sets; there are two versions, hollowed, marked bases (except the prone poses), upper row and smooth bases with the 'China' somewhere on the body middle row, and the prone poses mixed on bottom row.
Examples of marks for previous sets.

Thinkway's re-sculpts for Disney/Pixar's movie
franchise Toy Story.

Larger sized figures from Mattel infant toy (apple green),
Burger King (dark green) and unknown - probably HK (sand).
Close-up of Burger King figure, I've seen three in the set/series,
I don't know how many there were all together?
Daft mobile-phone prop things seen here before - too often!

There's more; there's always more! Treefrog Tresures
That's it really, something else next time!

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