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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

News, Views Etc...Odds and Sods

This 'News, Veiws...' has been put off a couple of times in recent weeks for one reason or another, so this first link is a bit dated now, but if I keep it till next Christmas it may well be a dead page, not everything lives forever on the Internet.

Krampus Birthing Event

While those of you who've followed the Blog for a while will know I like a bit of elephant action and this link has some fantastic imagery (indeed - I may have posted the link before, but it's worth a second look!)

"Get off your horse - and eat your fruit-shortie!"

This author (left) with his brother about 40 years ago! You can just see the floor of our tree-house in the hawthorns at the top-edge of the garden (which was also the edge of the heath); it waved a bit in the breeze! Funny how big the fruit shortcake's look, have they got smaller or have our hands grown that much? There's another one somewhere of us dressed as Indians, I'll try to find a copy - it was taken on a sunnier day!

Also from my childhood; this turned-up over the recent break, my archer's err...whatever an archer calls it! I seem to recall several fingers used to go in those holes, now I struggle to get one in each hole!

We got free archery lessons in school because a local club used the school-grounds and the deal was - anyone who wanted to could turn-up and fling a few sticks down the range! Mum ended-up buying us a second-hand, laminated, long-bow at a local auction (the sort of thing that came with sucker-arrows (from Chad Valley or Tri-Ang or Wembley?)), and we bought some proper arrows with steel tips and went hunting, we usually only bagged a Coke can (hard target) or rusty oil-drum (easy!) though!

Remember when Coke cans were heavy ferrous tin with rolled, crimped-ends and a separate ring-pull that was sharp enough to open-up an artery?

Sticking with the past holiday season I shot these figural scent bottles at my sister-in-law's over Christmas, ignore the dust on the rim of the snow-shaker, not that it's actually a snow-shaker, rather a fine red glitter-shaker! And I think it's filled with perfume, although I couldn't see any way of getting it out so just an odd novelty with a semi-flat HO/OO sized figure within!

The others are by/from that French bloke who used to appear on Eurotrash I think? Jean Claude? Rue Paul Galtieri, St. Paul of Isuzu . . . someone? All Breton stripy-jumper and pink beret? Eurotrash was the program that taught me in other countries collectors amass figurines of people taking a crap - amongst other things! There's a poo-museum in Belgium you know, or is it Holland? With a stuffed rhinoceros' bottom and other such luminary artifacts!

And having lowered the tone suitably, another link . . . I must stress however, that on no account should you click on the link if you are easily upset by alternative lifestyles, 'decadent' art, pornography (including Black & White photography) or anything that the pastor told you was "...Bad, very bad...", as the picture at the other end of the link is all those things and more, seriously: no point in complaining after the event!

So, so, so very, very Not Safe for Work, or the PSTSM! Definitely not for them, it'll have them throwing-up in the same coco-pops they were so recently blubbing into!

Those who trusted the broadness of their minds to click anyway will know exactly why and how I found it - Side Collection! Go!...Go!...Go! . . . They get everywhere! And yes, I think the string is . . . Yeah, well; I did warn ya! . . .

. . . but then - I do live in Fleet!
(one of Ken Reid's Creepy Creations)

Couple more links - First-up; an ideas factory for all the junk in the 'whatever' pile!...
And this which I found the other day, was flagged-up by one of it's targets in PW magazine a while ago...

Dullest men in Britain

Back to plastic toys and the Schleich squirrel got his annual outing in the last few weeks, he starts in the middle of the log, migrates to one side and ends-up perched on the 'sawn' end when it's tipped-up to stop the cut end drying-out!

Some years it's soft cream icing and he gets progressively muckier as the week progresses, but this year he kept slipping-off what was really just a thin layer of milk-chocolate!

Cat path!

Well . . . that was the winter, that was - in all: a day-and-half of slush! Now the gorse is flowering, out on the heath, and the snow-drops are up; it'll soon be summer!

I was amused by this typo in a search term - for if anyone should be found to be munted it's the bloody cavalry with their water boilers and stowage-bins and endless supply of bungee-cords courtesy of the QM and all that poncy bollocks! Minging, munting, gopping, hummers - the lot of them!

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