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Thursday, January 26, 2017

News, Views etc...Shelfies

A bit of synergy had Brian Berke and I both taking shelfies of the same things on opposite sides of the Atlantic at roughly the same time! And while I ought to hold them 'till next year, my Picasa albums are full of postponed 'seasonal' stuff which then doesn't seem to get published because as the holiday approaches I take other stuff!

Pretty standard central European nutcrackers (yeah - I try to avoid the Erz...word!), but with a twist in that some have had a costume change, and are to be found wearing 'digital camo', which appears to be actual DoD approved material, glued over the standard form.

Meanwhile I shot this rather blurry image through a charity-shop's window of another take on the traditional nutcracker, this one being a Rock&Roll star!

While I shot these a week ago, they are the 'new season' stock in Poundland who have cleared most of the Xmas stuff and are gearing up for the quiet season with standards like 'the tub of generic army men'! I didn't see if they were branded to Funtastic, but last time we looked at them (also Poundland) they were.

The inset figure in a fetching silver plastic is one of the Germans, which my brother found on a walk the other day and sent round to me via my Mother - They all know my eccentricities! The Brits are a bog-standard Army Man green while the Americans come in a colour I shall dub trumputterance-brown - if you know what I mean!

Of course they are all the same poses - if you know what I mean; One life. One people. One planet...

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