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Saturday, January 7, 2017

PSTSM is for the Pennsylvania-State Toy Soldier Mafia

Being my rebuttal of Paul Stadinger (the Jabbering Fuck)'s post, co-starring a Cock-wackin' Monkey-lizard called Erwin Sell, dated 17th December 2015

Part 2 - Their Mate's Bits

Same pack-drill - My stuff's in green, theirs in grey, corrections (where possible) in red, all else in blue!

25 Responses to Erwin Sell versus Hugh Walters - Blue Box - Part One
  1. Bill Nevins says:
December 17, 2016 at 10:54 PM
You should let this go.
The guy obviously has metal problems and doesn’t need to be goaded into another rant.

Too late, goading accomplished, second rant extant! So why didn't you take your own advise and stay out of it?

We here, know what kind of guy Erwin is, so why would we be bothered with this?

Exactly! Why indeed, you tell us?

Let it go.

So we won't be hearing from you again then?

o    admin says: 

December 17, 2016 at 11:55 PM

Normally I would advise that. But we also have to go and counter his comments on information that Erwin has posted. It is intertwined with negative comments that is discussed [or dealt-] with in part one [?]. So sadly we can not ('cannot' FFS! ♫Follow the wiggly blue, follow the wiggly blue, follow the wiggly blue line!♫) let it go.

I think you meant part two, but bring it on turd!
  1. Bill Nevins says:
December 17, 2016 at 10:55 PM 

Mental, not metal.

Oh! Here you are again! Back so soon? Best way to stay out of it is always to stay in it!

No you were right the first time I have metal problems, Nazareth in the main (Best. Band. Ever.), but all that era - REO Speedwagon (yeah, even a bit of West Coast AOR pap!), Saxon, Journey, Creedence, BJH, Lynyrd, Mellencamp, Zeppelin, Heep, Ash,  and the colours of course - Whitesnake, D-Purple, Pink F, Black S, Blue O/C....Way-da-go; not-letting-it-go-Dude!

o    Jon Burk says: 

December 18, 2016 at 12:59 AM

Guess he likes plastic; I found this humorous, Bill. Thanks for the laugh.

You're easy to please; PSTSM lickspittle dick-splash?
  1. Jon Burk says:
December 18, 2016 at 1:09 AM 

I find Erwin to be very knowledgeable and have learned a lot from his comments in the short time I have corresponded with him and read him on this site. Was hoping this might be about Blue Box pirates. Good to archive this stuff, @admin just for accuracy sake (accuracy? They think Japanese is Chinese). Not sure I’ll read the whole thing; even Toy Soldier hobby stuff is not immune to rants. Unfortunate.

What's most unfortunate is that they published illiterate rambling shite which doesn't say what they say it does and is - in at least two aspects - the opposite of what they say it is! Arselicken PSTSM double-dick-splash!
  1. erwin says:
December 18, 2016 at 1:35 AM 

As Admin mention .I Would had let pass and ignore as this person site is barely see by many collectors because is more about all small scales and too mix match info just shot at once with too much blend that often confuse rather that straight forward direct info… Oh Christ, this isn't any recognised human language - by any stretch!
But because he had gone recently posting himself in others blogs/sites as the right correct info source and spreading mix wrong information I think for the sake of hobby is better to explain all best and out. Again? What?
Admin has been patience enough and let some space to expose all. Patience is going to expose all? I'm up for that, the dirty little minx!
The first part as you all see will look very personal and I’m sorry I had show it but need some start …No, gone, try again in Russian? French? German? You must have one we can understand!
Once other parts are post; every body will see how much correct information could be easy plain and simple put to all you to see with out need of self advertise by one person using rants. French translated into South Sea-pidgin by an Inuit? I'm guessing here, am I warm?
Will like to add that I had not been only attacked or mention as been wrong. Add what you like - you make it up as you go along anyway, and most of it is unreadable!
Others and very well know connoisseurs of this hobby had been label with name as been wrong in a very blatant way by this person. Do tell? Any more veiled hints and I'll bust with mirth!
Any one Googling this blogger's site should be very careful it is full of extremely mixed or wrong information in all parts ;(no, no I can't correct from here on; it's all gibberish) all base in many assumptions and miss understand or interpreted data.(Specially regarding HK – China,Asia and Spain (I hardly ever Blog Spanish production?) were I do have very well clearance access information at anytime with plenty first hand source to post for everyone to see. Ah! 'Clearance access information', that'll be another of your '
Business chamber international system's will it? I can't believe the other commentators here still swallow this shite!
Is not my goal to show but help and divulge information to all in share of community good will.
I often offer and send links here to any body trying help find things when available and never glory myself of any at all but rather love all could have what they wish. Puke-bucket, pass me a puke-buck...Bluuuegh! Too late!
Best regards….
  1. Darren Hatley says:
December 18, 2016 at 6:57 AM 

I've talked and dealt with Erwin for quite a few years now and I've always found him to be very knowledgeable about Toy Soldiers and history in general, And also to be very helpful and fair, I also read his comments here on Stad's regularly and sometimes he sends personal emails to me, basically a great bloke who loves the Toy Soldier hobby and just wants to help it flourish. So I can only apologise for my fellow countryman's comments of which were very unfair. So I think perhaps its best just to let it go. So why bother with the comment then - twat!

Fuck-me, you're as illiterate as the other two! The Caps Lock is the one with Capslk written on it and the one with an arrow can be used each time you come to an 'I' see- I just did it, twice!

How very dare you apologise for me! I don't need apologising for, especially not by a crawly-bum-lick, toss-pot like you!

o    erwin says:

December 18, 2016 at 10:03 AM 

Darren,thanks you do not need apologies for what he says (Ah! We agree on something - take the advice Darran and shut the fuck up!) as I’m sure it do not represent at all the many lovely people of UK (bluuuegh!) with whom I communicate often but only represent a shame stain in the character and culture of Britain (so it IS about the UK, nasty little shit!) and this hobby unfortunately .
The next work parts again will be to show correct data rather than me fighting for…(err...what?) that is intention. What is?
Regarding Knights and Orcs as I did spend and pass more info here since photograph then at NYC fare-2014 I truly wish they were here.
I had the feeling they will pup up soon. They're having puppies? Can I have one with a pink nose?
Surprise enough BB release a fantasy unicorn-Pegasus fairy tales set bucket type playset for this year Toy Fair ;nothing impressive but from exact same line as the modern army set and pirates done.
So I’m crossing fingers as that set either by then or others will come out.
They won’t drinks those sets. You shouldn't mix drinks and puppies, hic!

§  Darren Hatley says: 

December 18, 2016 at 12:40 PM 

Hey Erwin your welcome mate, I just thought I needed to say something and show you some support as I'm sure 95% of people will. Regarding the BlueBox Knights and Orcs I've resigned myself to the fact that they won't be coming out but I hope you are right that they may still get made sometime, but we shall see.
Its like SCS Direct that made tubes of Monster figures of which I own. I heard that they were working on Fantasy figures and that they would be out this year but so far no sign of them, So you start to think is this another set of figures that might fall by the way-side? Again let's wait and see.

Ah, the dulcet tones of an arse being licked on the Internet! Sure it won't be 94%? I had three contributions waiting in my in-tray at Hotmail on the 19th, 48 hours after they published their illiterate joke with another coming in on the 29th! Two from new contributors. Hark! The more pleasing tone of a serious backfire, I believe!

o    admin says:

December 18, 2016 at 10:41 AM 

This is not directed at your country or any other person. The person could be from anywhere (so why bother stating UK then, fuckwit?). The idea of this blog is to share information and enjoy the hobby.

§  Darren Hatley says:

December 18, 2016 at 12:25 PM 

Hi its fine please don't think I was in any way saying that Erwin or anyone was having a go at my country, This guy is just 1 bad apple in the basket so to speak, We all have some bad ones in every country, I just wanted to show my support for Erwin. I'm in no way offended at all, I love coming on here and will continue to do so.

Yup . . . yeah, definitely the sound of an arse being licked!
  1. Darren Hatley says:
December 18, 2016 at 7:01 AM 

By the way when I went onto Stads this morning and saw the title BlueBox I was hoping there had been a change of mind about those Knights and Orcs figures perhaps coming out soon that was mentioned on here a year ago, but it wasn’t. Oh well never mind; I can live in hope.

Haven't you just said that above, god you're boring - I can only apologise for my fellow countryman's comments which were very boring and more than a tad arselicken!
  1. Christian Aldo says:
December 18, 2016 at 7:46 AM 

I prefer METAL PROBLEMS! Me too!
  1. Christian Aldo says:
December 18, 2016 at 7:47 AM 

NEVER FIGHT ON A PUBLIC FORUM. I'm afraid they're not listening Christian; although - to be fair - neither am I!

o    admin says: 

December 18, 2016 at 10:41 AM 

Sometimes you are forced to. Who forced you? I'd get the police involved; was there gun-play? Were they very bad . . . very bad men? Lock 'em up!
  1. ed borris says:
December 18, 2016 at 9:04 AM 

Wow!!!!!! Don’t know what else to say, so I’ll leave it at that. Wise man Mr. Borris, it's gonna' get bumpy!
  1. Mark McNamara says:
December 18, 2016 at 9:24 AM 

My Experience of Erwin on Stad’s is just as he says, Erwin is very helpful and his input is always done in a positive manner, he is like a walking plastic figure encyclopedia ! (No he isn't, he makes it up as he goes along; I hope he paid you for saying that!)
Thanks for all your helpful info over the years Erwin!
  1. TDBarnecut says:
December 18, 2016 at 10:04 AM 

This is awesome, lets settle this with a toy soldier battle! Heh-heh!

o    Jon Burk says: 

December 18, 2016 at 10:12 PM 

Yes! A toy soldier War Game is in order! Oh; you're a real band-wagoner huh?
  1. Andy says:
December 18, 2016 at 12:05 PM 

No clue about Mr. Walters, but Erwin Sell is a decent, sincere, knowledgeable, generous gentleman and great father to his beloved little girl. I am proud to call him my friend, and at age 65, I am so glad to see younger guys like Erwin keeping the hobby alive. I have personally gained very much from Erwin Sell. Erwin, YOU ROCK!! (and you know it, too.!!) Love you, brother. Andy Keliar
  1. Wayne W says:
December 18, 2016 at 4:01 PM 

Erwin I wouldn’t let it bother you, though I know it’s easier said than done. Ol’ Hugh has been around for quite sometime – usually though he participates in 1/72 scale plastics. you are not the first – and unlikely the last – person to find yourself the object of his ire over what should have been a minor disagreement. If Stad's hadn't protected him from criticism it 'could' have been minor, but I fear that would have required the triumph of hope over experience!
He can be quite an enjoyable person to discuss things with – but doesn’t like to be disagreed with, particularly when he is in his cups. You tell 'em, but they're not listening! [And it turns out neither of us was right about the cold war, Russia won by playing the long-game, and in a few days that Trump will begin sealing the deal and handing the keys of Europe and the Middle East on to Putin!]
Remember what the Romans used to say, “Nil Illegitimus Carborundum…” And where are they now! Someone got them totally ground-down dude!
  1. Greg Liska says:
December 18, 2016 at 4:02 PM 

This is a sad thing to have to happen. I understand Erwin’s desire to exonerate himself. He’s been unfairly attacked and by somebody with some real problems. (Dr. Liska I presume?) You’d think this would never happen with something as innocuous as toy soldiers, but I’ve encountered a few real weirdos in this decidedly uncommon hobby (yeah, well, you know Stad for a start!). Quite to the contrary, Erwin has shown himself to be a true gentleman who is absolutely unshakable (Rubbish - such rubbish I think I'll have a post just looking at his temper! Thanks for raising that!). He never gets upset or insulting. Even if his info were wrong, it did not warrant such a childish rant. If the individual does have this affliction he has alluded to, perhaps he should pause before posting. Otherwise, he seems to be putting the ‘ass’ in Asperger’s. Oh, hahahaha, how very droll, quite the wag Mr. Liska! One might wonder why you're here; you show signs of intelligence buried beneath your unshakable sycophancy!
  1. Mark T. says:
December 18, 2016 at 4:58 PM 

I have benefited many times from Erwin’s knowledge and expertise. He is definitely among the most knowledgeable men in our hobby. I have also looked at Hugh Walter's site a few times and found a few things of interest there, however I have never corresponded with him. Erwin’s knowledge of the hobby seems much more focused and usable. Both men DO know a lot about plastic miniatures.
I have to admit, I have wondered once or twice what would happen if these guys ever interacted. I kind of figured it would lead to a clash of epic proportions. Keep watching, they've started a war, let's see if they have the stomach to finish it?
Arguing about facts is one thing, but Hugh’s nasty personal remarks about Erwin are totally uncalled for. (Ah, but there's history there Mark, you've probably missed it, but there'll be a post on the 'backgrownd' now! Now they've demanded I explain 'shadowing' even though they have yet to answer my accusations, but . . . they're hypocrites)
  1. erwin says:
December 18, 2016 at 5:12 PM 

Once again to all who have responded .
Thank you very much for such nice words. I truly appreciate the respect and honor give (bluuuegh!) and please rest assure I do not have any intention from any of you to side or not with me with respect (bluuuegh!) please. Too late - some of them have!
The series of work will be definitely bring some true light info regarding the specific thematic touched in Mr Hugh odd work as well many others posted in his blog very bad unfunded. ? This is gibberish! What does it actually mean?
I do enjoy typing here as well learning a lot from all you as well .Reading Stads post ,most of you and Kent site I had learn much, specially in US brands which were at all not of my knowledge for long. Try crediting them at the time then!
I think for the benefit of hobby to pass along and share right funded correct information is the best way we have to survive with knowledge in hobby for those in future. More gibberish!
Best regards…

o    Jon Burk says: 

December 18, 2016 at 10:11 PM 

Erwin, I did read the entire piece, and I’m glad you are doing this to correct the record. Unfortunately, there are people in the world that lack tact (yeah! You're fucking one of 'em!), and take things personally even when not intended (oh it was intended alright). There are also people who think out loud with their voices or their fingers (says Jon on his forth visit to the post comments!), and don’t even realize (or maybe they do) that they are being rude. Shocking! You'll be referring to those who like the sight of their own voice...self-appointed experts, those sorts? What's that? You've more to say? Well pardon me, please [you] do go on...

Someone with Asperger’s syndrome may not have much in the way of impulse control or tact. Asperger’s people are often savants in one or two areas being almost with photographic type memories and genius. Often they have no people skills and don’t handle interaction very well. They can also be very black and white about what is true and false. Someone disagreeing with them could set them off. I have a friend with a child with Asperger’s. Although the young man is in his late 20s, he is very child-like in most of his behaviour. However, he is an expert on everything Disney; toys, Disneyland and movies. He could recite most of the Disney animated movies line for line and knows Disneyland inside and out. Unless a cure can be found, he will always be part child and part amazing Disney intellectual. Fucking hell, we've got Dr. Liska and Dr. Burk on the same Blog, best change the name to Stad's Psychoanalyst Stuff!

My best to you, Erwin,! Hopefully you can forgive and forget the personal attack (well he's not got off to a good start there has he!), while doing your best to give the most accurate information you are able (like showing us a picture of two Blue Box factories and telling us it shows a Redbox one! Or posting a link to Japan and telling us it's in China?). (I don’t know how you do so well (simple - he doesn't - use your eyes) typing out long, involved texts by phone. I try to keep texts short and am always having problems with auto fill putting in the wrong word (we've noticed). I need a keyboard on a laptop to write my not so detailed comments and in the single language I can speak. Keep up the good work!)
You and Darran are gonna' get real sore tongues!

17.  Greg Liska says:

December 19, 2016 at 7:53 PM

I have to ask for clarification on this point. Did this guy actually say he was ‘Asbergic’ in a genuine sense or was he just being colorful in stating he goes off on comments he doesn’t like? The word can be used that way. We might be giving him an undue pass for childish behavior. I also have a friend who has a son who has the affliction and his retorts are not so organized when he gets upset. At any rate, he is cognizant enough of the condition, IF that’s what he was saying, that he should know not to post anything immediately after writing. I edited it for months and meant to post it when I posted it - if only because Erwin (under the Jabbering Hutt's protection) was (is) getting ever more confident and vociferous, while less accurate.

Just witness his Japanese/Chinese boo-boo and non-conclusive (even contradictory) catalogue errors on the post originally above these comments; no research; evidence doesn't conform to theory, but he offers it [as fact] for conclusive 'proof' anyway - a couple of random 'bits' he found on Google!!

·         erwin says:

December 19, 2016 at 8:54 PM

Greg .

In his main home page introduction say so in his self introduction and he actually repeated often in other parts on his site all over after many comments in any work. You may look it yourself.

I’m not referring to my rant from him, it is all over (oh no it 'aint, not now - it 'aint over 'till I fucking say so, or the 'Great White Bitch-queen sings 'surrender'!), he uses it constantly to go off and say wherever about anyone (your clever 'phone splits words too?) or anything. But as this is not my blog I do (Freudian slip!) judge him for it (you've just used someone else's Blog TO judge!), neither I waste my time reading it (well - clearly you have!) ;but is sad see in this hobby blogs let by person with poor (language?) skills . Herh-herh-herh! Hypocritical, brain-dead dullard!

18.  Greg Liska says:

December 21, 2016 at 7:21 PM

I looked. Wow…..what a rant. Now, I will admit, it was not as ‘crazy’ as I had thought (always helps to read something before you 'think' about it! Are you admitting to being an ill-informed, opinionated, gob-shite further up the page? I think you are!). He goes into extreme detail in refuting your posts. Honestly, I do not want to get in the middle of anything like this (so why is this your third comment? You've put yourself right in the middle!). I am not that interested in the history of toy firms and have no knowledge thereof. Well, if you ever decide you do want it, don't get it from Erwin!

·         admin says

December 21, 2016 at 8:59 PM

Greg in the future postings Erwin will show where Hugh is wrong with his information. What I did not like about Hugh’s attack was the unprofessional language (Oh, you precious wilting-flower . . . fucking-bloody, fucking-bloody, fucking-bloody, fucking-bloody, fucking-bloody . . . fuck, cunty-bollocking shit!). It was not necessary (well actually; I deemed it necessary, and it was on my fucking Blog! Arrogant turd). The history of the hobby is interesting. It is one interesting part off our hobby.

19.  Wayne W says:

December 22, 2016 at 12:20 AM

In my opinion discussion about this or that aspect of the hobby shouldn’t get personal; not necessarily talking about integrity in dealing and such, but disagreements over this or that bit of knowledge, even trivia.

That is where this went wrong, I think. I believe some people should stay away from their keypads after nine in the evening (some even earlier) – as it seems to affect their perspective. Heal thyself Dr. Wayne, your contributions to this post have disappointed me, you used to be a voice of reason here!

20.  Greg Liska says:

December 22, 2016 at 9:35 AM

I agree with the above statements. He became insulting where he could have made his points just as effectively without that. What makes it even more surprising is the topic itself, toy soldiers, is not anything to get furious about. I love my toys, but there’s got to be a limit! It seems to me that he let it build up over time and then let it fly.

You are of course right, Greg, and I'm the one who regularly points out it's all mass-produced, over-priced shite, but I still love it too. The point is IT IS worth getting excited about accuracy, when some illiterate tick-turd publishing on a third-party Blog (with that party's protection) is calling into question stuff you've previously Blogged accurately. And the 'topic' was about accuracy, not Toy Soldiers per.se.

Now, you've had a couple of ill-informed digs at me, I've had a couple of unfair digs back. You seem brighter than the others - my advice to you is stay out of it now, 'cos it's gonna' get nasty!

21.  Erwin says:

December 22, 2016 at 1:39 PM

You will see how what real extreme detail are.My responses are long done just taking time to post are are (your 'phone is adding duplicate words? Clever 'phone!) thing more important in this forum that deserve true talks in our hobby.
My point is not his insulting. But the twisted uses of name and some knowlodge (is that like a sweat-lodge for knows? Your phone takes good words and makes them bad!) to make looks as correct finds using massive assumptions base in only it views. It views what?
U can drop 10 links in a site all together (what? like you dropped about 30 on one of Stad's old posts the other day! Time-limited eBay links at that! Fuckwit) use it and twist to make looks as one point because are mengle.But you have to real understood one by one and disern to discover a false .The person in biased and from there concentrate in just spread wrong miss info . Anyone want to translate this one?!! Mengle? Wasn't he a missing Nazi doctor? Is he going to
psychoanalyse me too?
Is not my rant only where he express.He uses in any or else to go for.He constantly go in minor blogs attacking or self advertising. He constantly call others blog info as RED FLAG and not credible with out a proof to refute but just mentioning.
We as human first should use humble and education to express.
My thoughs…You don't 'think' - that's half the whole problem!


One point the above raises is the matter of the subject, both in and of itself which is not 'Toy Soldiers', but rather accuracy and its lack thereof in Erwin's past utterances on Blue Box specifically (although if he intends to broaden it out rather than dealing with the accusations first I shall return to his utterances on other matters/makes with gusto) and also the wider sense of whether it is or is not somehow juvenile to get into such a scrape over something so 'trivial'?

Well as I have never taken the shite half as seriously (or humourlessly) as the Jabbering Fuck and his Cock-wackin' Monkey-lizard and their mates, and as they both seem to think the answer to the second point is 'yes', yes it is worth getting into a scrape about; I say fucking-right it is!

And as if to legitimise that point of view, there is on Twitter, the Facebook and in the arts press a current battle between world-renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor (that's Sir Anish Kapoor, aged 62) and a chap called Stuart Semple (36) over who can get their hands on the blackest-black or the pinkest-pink paint (£3.99 per pot) - I kid you not.

There has been name-calling, legal contracts issued, and the whole enchilada! If it's good enough for a Knight of the Realm to fight over paint (for two years - so far), I'm up for a fight over mere truth!

More here - Silly young man!

And here - Victory for the underdog!

But the Jabbering Fuck knows it's about more than Erwin's bullshit, the Cock-wackin' Monkey-lizard is the patsy now; I baited, they bit, bring on yer Part 2, yer fuckwits.

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