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Saturday, January 7, 2017

S is for Self Advertising

Being my rebuttal of Paul Stadinger (the Jabbering Fuck)'s post, co-starring a Cock-wackin' Monkey-lizard called Erwin Sell, dated 17th December 2015

Part 4 - Some Other Bits

This is the last one for now, I promise! I say "for now" as we are promised more from the desperately, dastardly, dishonest, duo and I may wish to reply to them again, however if it's going to be this easy to destroy their joint-reputations I may well leave it to intelligent people to make-up their own minds - and for the idiots to believe what they wish in this: the post-facts, 'Post Truth' (OED word-of-the-year 2016, although it's two words!) age!

In the comments we looked at earlier today, Erwin charged me with - and as always I'll quote in full to avoid charges of being deliberately misleading -

"He constantly go in minor blogs attacking or self advertising."

Well, as the first word on 1980's Fantasy figures I'm not sure I'd describe Shaun's Blog as 'minor', not sure at all, and I've posted more links to it, than from it, but let's compare and contrast from one of the few times the Cock-wackin' Monkey-lizard and myself have commented on the same post, shall we? Yeah, lets!

This was my comment; I'd sum it up as -

Nice, glad to know that, I think I might have one or two, thanks for posting.

This was Erwin's comment on the same post; I'd sum it up as -

Nice. Look at me, listen to me, look what I know, look at me, listen to me, look what I know, here's some more stuff I know! Look! Listen!

Who is 'self advertising' exactly? I could do the same exercise on the 54mm WWII Blog, where once or twice we have both commented on the same post, but A) I don't really want to drag other people into this, and B) The Cock-wackin' monkey-lizard has already tried to start a fight there, I ignored his recent comment on that one!

And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with his comment per.se, but there's an element of pot and kettle here, again! More hypocrisy; I've accused him of making-up specific claims about the history of one or two toy companies, which he hasn't addressed, instead he's accusing me of anything and everything he can think of, even if he's equally 'guilty'!

Now all this is all going to get frightfully tedious, but they started it (long before my October post) and I'll finish it when I'm good and ready (actually I think I said above I might leave it! Hypocrisy Hugh! We'll see what their part two says!), it the meantime it would appear that I owe them my thanks, as the feedback voting boxes under my posts hardly ever get a look-in, but the October post . . .

. . . raised three votes in favour of more! So by indulging themselves in their desire to help me destroy their reputations live on t'Internet, they are also - apparently - pleasing a number of the followers of this Blog, who seem to enjoy me losing my cool occasionally; train-wrecks - everyone just loves them!


Apropos Redbox . . .  and their relationship with Blue Box and Tai Sang Toys

Red Box Canada's Corporate Structure (in French!)
Major to minor - top to bottom

I don't want the A-Z to become a 'correcting Erwin's bullshit' exercise; and/but it is a fact that I was not ready to publish the Blue Box A-Z entry when I did, in support of my accusations, back in October.

Now - it's doesn't matter particularly, as editing the Blue Box page alongside the Erwin J'accuse was itself a good exercise - in self-discipline, and when I published I was reasonably happy with the level of detail as against Erwin's bullshit.

However, as the Red Box-Blue Box thing was a late entry to the 12,000-worder, there was work to be done, and when I realised that Tai Sang was extant, I did the little News, Views... piece, because I'm honest, and we're all on a learning curve.

It was also the prime opportunity for Erwin to use the information to satisfy himself he was wrong - instead he's found some minimal evidence [proving he was wrong], and has tried presenting it above as if it doesn't!

The reason the A-Z had to be as accurate as possible, and the J'accuse as long as 12,000 words is that when you are dealing with a fraud, if you don't cover every point at both ends, if you don't cross every tee and dot every eye, they will find a way to wriggle out of it and we see this with him trying to conflate his original . . .

" RED BOX is a 1985.Was original funded in HK and united with others from other toys line in China after 90’s. It has been BLUE BOX main competitor since from china market. It has “”wrongly mentioned”” as same or part as Blue Box companies in PW magazine incorrect. They are two complete different companies"

. . . with the semi-autonomy that the various 'parts' of the Tai Sang 'whole' enjoy now; post the 1997 reunification or 'hand-back', but that's not the context in which he used it (one of his too long, nothing to do with the question, 'look what I know' volunteered 'answers'), although you can make "…since from China Market" mean whatever you want it too!

That's what frauds do, they twist things until it suits their purpose, but he was attacking a Plastic Warrior article written while he was barely out of nappies, referring to the Blue Box - Red Box of the 1970's, he set the agenda of this particular gripe way back, and now tries to get out of it by talking about the companies today.

But you can't misinterpret "…two complete different companies" or "…main competitor"


Here are the notes and working drafts on the various other elements of the Tai Sang Group including updates for Blue Box Holdings and RBI

It's all still a bit scratchy, but by chucking it up here, it saves Erwin finding it and miss-presenting it as he did with the catalogue!


Will be new entry - Motormax - See; Redbox and Zee Toys


Will be new entry - Red Box-Blue Box - See; Blue Box and Redbox


Will be new entry - Tai Sang / Tai Sang Industrial Company Ltd. / Tai Sang Toys

Tai Sang Industrial Company Ltd. - Blue-Box House, 34 Sands Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Tai Sang Industrial Company Ltd. - 9/F Blue Box Factory Building, 25 Hing Wo Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, China

Tai Sang Industrial Company Ltd. - 9/F, 15-25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, China (Current - although still known locally as the 'Old Blue Box Building', it now has many tenants)

Ridout & Maybee LLP - 250 University Avenue, 5th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5H 3E5, Canada (Legal representatives for intellectual property/brand marking in Canada)

Tel: +1 2552 8286
Fax: +852 31295296

Peter Chan Pui - Chairman/CEO (until demise), Chan Kwok Bun - Managing Director (current),

See also; Blue Box (for main history), Cheerful Toy, Hitech (Electronic Manufacturing Ltd.), Motormax, Redbox, and Talentoy Ltd.

Formal registration/establishment in its current form in 1960, after Peter Chan Pui bought-out the backers who had bankrolled the formation of the original Tai Sang


Notes / additions - for new Tai Sang entry and old Blue Box entry - needs sorting

Blue Box (OEM) Ltd. - 9/F Blue Box Fty Bldg, 25 Hing Wo St - Aberdeen, Hong Kong (founded 1992)

Blue Box Autraila Pty, Ltd. - C/O: George Tauber, 449 High Street, Prahran, Victoria 3181, Australia (late 1960's-early 1970's)

Phone: 852 - 312 95 295 (Tai Sang Industrial Company Ltd.,)
Fax: 852 - 281 40 527 (Tai Sang Industrial Company Ltd.,)
Phone: +852 3510 0100 (98 Granville Rd)
Fax: +852-27243896 (98 Granville Rd)
Phone: 2552 8286 (Tai Sang Aberdeen)
Fax: 2873 1575 (Tai Sang Aberdeen)

Peter Chan Pui - [also] Director (Blue Box (OEM)), Director (Blue Box Australia), until demise
Sykes Lau - Vice President of Sales (OEM business) at Blue Box (OEM) Ltd (from 2005-present), Senior Engineering Manager Tai Sang (2001-2005 - previously at Lok Tai On Toys Limited)
Ngai Kwan Ng - Director (Blue Box Holdings, 2016)
Wing Wo Sun  - Director (Blue Box Holdings, 2016)
Chi Kong Yeung  - Director (Blue Box Holdings, 2016)
Chan Kwok Bun - Director (Blue Box (OEM) and Blue Box holdings - current)
Hung Cheong Lau - Director Blue Box (OEM))

Trademark Filed: 29th November 1966
Trademark Granted: 31st August 1971
Trademark and Word Mark Renewed: 5th March 2011
Trademark: BLUE-BOX
Trademark Serial Number: 72259685 ('Blue cartouche' BLUE-BOX)
Trademark Registration Number: 0919291
Word Mark: Blue-Box

Trademark Serial Number: LMC174144 ('Red cartouche' RED-BOX)

'Candy Home' Registered in Canada: 27th November 1984

1957 - First use of "Blue-Box" as branding
1960 - Tai Sang Industrial Company Ltd., formally founded/registered

Tai Sang continuing as the wholesale arm for the distribution of games, toys, hobby goods, and supplies.

Customers of Blue Box (OEM) Ltd., (from 2005 onwards)
Leapfrog, Brio, Caben, Claessens Kid, Development Plus Inc., Early Learning Centre (ELC), Kolcraft, Laser Pegs, Mimi World, Vivid Imagination.

Customers of Tai Sang Ind. Co. Ltd., (early 2000's)
Evenflo, Gakken, Golden Bear, Hoberman, Pedigree, Vivid, Worlds Apart, etc....

Additions to listings

Dolls Furniture Series

722?? - Farm Set (small scale cottage with trellis and bench, plus 3 people, fences and +/- 20 animals)

81 - Teile Puppenhaus Mit Einrichtung (German marketed version of the Blue Box dolls house)

Links for Tauber and Canadian registrations

Will be new entry - Motormax / Redbox / Red Box / RBI / RBI Holdings Limited / RBI Toys Inc. / RBI Group

Red Box Toy Factory Ltd. - 7/F, Tower 1, South Seas Centre, 75 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong (HK Office & Showroom)

RBI Toys Inc. - 371 W. Tullock St., Rialto, CA 92376-7702, USA (US Office & Warehouse)

Tel :  (852) 2722 8000 (HK Office & Showroom)
Tel :  (909) 879-7888 (US Office)
Fax : (852) 2722 8998 (HK Office & Showroom)
Fax : (909) 879-7878 (US Office)
Email : hk@redboxtoy.com (HK Office & Showroom)
Email : sales@rbitoys.com (US Office)

They probably have an admin/liaison presence in the old Blue Box building in Aberdeen as well.

Trademark registered in US - 1966, first use in Canada (and elsewhere) by 1964, now expired in US.

The RBI group, a wholy-owned subsidiary of Tai Sang and slightly younger partner/sister to Blue Box is now - like its sibling - a fully vertically-integrated toy manufacturer; headquartered in Hong Kong, with production facilities in the Dongguan and Heyuan provinces of the mainland. A contract manufacturer engaged in OBM, ODM, and OEM.

As far as collectors are concerned they lack the high-street branded presence of their sister Blue Box, except with the die-cast niche; there found under the Motormax sub-brand, boasting over 500 moulds in various scales and model kits. They do however have infant ranges branded to Red Box

Redbox was legally founded in 1985 as an autonomous element of the larger Tai Sang group having been raised as a brand in around 1964, before being formally registered in the US in 1966 and Canada in 1971 where it seems to have been run as a subsidiery of Blue Box, a situation that also prevailed in Australia with the importer George Tauber working with Tai Sang's own Australian importer (Blue Box Austrailia Pty. Ltd. - of which Tauber was MD!)

Other joint ventures including dolls and Hasbro knock-off  'action figures'.

The Motormax sub-brand was formed in 1997 to take advantage of the hand-back of the colonies of Hong Kong and Macau to mainland China. Inheriting the old Zee/Zylmex mould-tools, they also seem to have taken-on the workload of Blue Box's Macau die-casting plant as part of a rationalisation as Tai Sang transferred and embedded it's production assets on the mainland - it's notable the Red Box factories (four plants in two complexes) and Blue Box's (three separate facilities) are based in different areas of China.


Will be new entry - Motormax - See; Redbox and Zee Toys


Oh look! Redbox and Blue Box are err...the same company!

Will be new entry - Tauber, G - See: George Tauber Imports and Blue Box


Will be new entry - George Tauber Imports

449 High Street, Prahran, Victoria 3181, Australia

Flourished - 1950's-1970's (possibly still in business as late as 1980)

Cable: Taubertoy
Tel: 51-5242

Agents for Blue Box (HK), Dee Bee (UK), Dee & Cee (US), Ganz and Reliable (Canada) Red Box, Tai Sang and Tony Law (CAC; all HK) Uneeda (US, dolls) and Thomas Salter Toys (UK) among others.

George Tauber - Owner/founder (also joint director (with Peter Chan Pui and Tony Law) of Blue Box Australia Pty., Ltd. - formed 1969)

You can see that as we delve into levels of company information, history, and corporate identity that are far more detailed than I ever imagined most A-Z entries would ever carry (or require!), the connections between Tai Sang, Redbox and Blue Box only get ever stronger, while Erwin 'the Cock-wackin' Monkey-Lizard' Sell (happily supported by Paul 'the Jabbering Fuck' Stadinger) sticks to his entirely [made-up as he went along] fictitious 'Rivals since...' line!

So 2017's shaping-up to be an interesting year . . .

Is that a rocket in his "plastic small" or is Erwin just pleased to see me still Blogging? Ably protected by Dr. 'Did I tell you I'm a psychoanalyst'' Burk while his alta-ego 'Fritz' educates the masses on Treefrog via his clever-phone - like a smart-phone but as thick as pig-shit. Darran 'hat somewhat obscured' Hatley's following the bandwagon and the whole is being carried by Stad's immeasurably-better-than-my-Stuff!

Still gotta' thank them for the traffic . . . not!

03-01-2017 - Yes - I know some of the above information is now published in their part two, mostly as a result of the stuff published here and on the A-Z entry for Blue box in October last, but the four posts published here today  (so far - there's a non-PSTSM one still to come!) were all loaded before Christmas or between Christmas and the New Year.

As a lot of their part two is now contradictory to the stuff I've published today and as Erwin is clearly getting himself tied in knots trying to maintain the line they are not related while publishing tons of stuff proving the links, I guess my rebuttal to their Part 2 will be shorter, and you can expect it in a few days (maybe by then we will have their part 3 . . I look forward to it. However it means I may hold back on the planned 'contributions week' as I don't want other people being or getting unnecessarily associated with this shit.

I would also point out that with the publication of their part two they are (having bitched about my 12,000-odd) over 5,000 themselves, and have only dealt (badly) so far with one of the main points I raised!


M-7 said...

Hi - I'm a bit late on this but ..
I have read all the above on both sites..
I give you thumbs up on this ..
Sorry I do not respond more to your posts ..
too much work IRL.
Be well -

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence M-7, but they are such a couple of daft apath's it's almost cruel to respond!