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Monday, January 2, 2017

T is for Three - Knights of Old

Except one is anything but a knight and the other is a lowly man at arms!

I've a whole bunch of medieval figure-photos still in Picasa from a photo-shoot I did back in 2011/2012, and this was one of them; three 'misc.' figures who didn't fit into anything else.

From the left we have . . .

  • ·         Evil Guy de Whatsit (see Blog passim) from Britains with his locating-studs removed, he stands quite well and looks the part! 54mm
  • ·         A white-metal 're-sub' freebie originally in kit-form, from one of the glossies, I don't subscribe any more, to either of them, just grab a butcher's in WHSmith occasionally and purchase if there's anything useful in there. There never is these days, just endless poured-metal, painted well, but stylistically, in a mile-long factory in China!

I painted him in a flat style which has left the sword-cuts on his shield a bit cartoony and the base is becoming a disaster, I tried a herbal tea-bag for 'autumn' scatter material, but it's worn off round the edges and the glue has whitened, so, along with his too-pink cheeks he now looks like he's struggling in the winter snow . . . hardly Acre in the summer sun huh? Yes - I know it gets cold in the dessert, but I didn't intend it to be night-time either! 58mm

  • ·         An unmarked 60mm copy of a 40/70mm Elastolin 'gunner' from the catapult in hard polystyrene. Probably from Hong Kong, but the lack of a mark and the material suggest he could be French, Spanish or even further afield?

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