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Saturday, January 14, 2017

U is for Unknown Ancient Metal Figures

That is - that they represent, not are, although in war-gaming terms some of them may be pretty old too!

The guy on the left looks like some of my Garrison, but he's not marked in any way and was sufficiently unalike them to remain out of their box! The two to the right could be Minifigs?

Mixed makers, mixed eras, I'd particularly like to ID the Viking/Carolingian type as he's from my old childhood 'generic' barbarian army and stood next to but towering above the pig-on-a-stick man from Airfix!

Three more from that army, and cock-on-a-stick stood the other side! I believe the foot javelin-thrower is from the same maker as the mounted figures?

Probably all Vikings, probably from the same maker as the standard-bearer above, but not necessarily, do you know who they are? I don't know why I never pained one of the spear throwers, maybe they came separately; later?

Another mixed lot - 5B and 5C may be from the same artillery/siege-engine crew? I particularly like 5E who has adopted the old 'flats' trick of having removable parts for a choice of two weapons; a javelin or an axe.

The Persian-looking cavalry man was one of three 'auxiliaries' in my Greco-Roman army (which fought the barbarians), two having been ID'd (so are in storage) along with one of the horses, the others are here - painted.

The Horse at bottom-right (6D) has shades of Airfix Cuirassier about him. No?

Another of mine in need of crest-glue and a few others, anyone got any ideas? 7B, marked AGR 5 (Ancient Greek?) has a different headdress to the otherwise similar figure in the next picture . . .

. . . but I think the difference is only paint? The rest of these belong in later posts, but have ended-up here because of the foot archer. Four Zulu types in two poses and a Samurai horse-archer; any ideas?


Maudlin Jack Tar said...

2C is Minifigs ME1 Man-Orc with sword from Mythical Earth range circa mid-1970s - damn I'm old.
see http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Mythical_Earth

Anonymous said...

I'd guess that the RE and REC/PEC are Garrison from the codes. Anything with a small s after it is probably Minifigs S Range while PB is the later Phil Barker ancient range. AGr5 looks like a Greek archer and AB13s as a Byzantine (although none are listed with this code).

Have a look at the this site under the various manufacturers' listings.


Hugh Walter said...

Brilliant Mr. Tar! That is him, I was so sure he was an ancient!

And thank you too Mr. Annonymous . . much to label-up when I get home!

I must also confess to laziness with these posts, as it's easier to hope people recognise this stuff than to search all these lovely sites, the Lost mini's wiki these days seems to have a lifetime's worth of browsing alone!


Doug said...

Hello. All three #1's are Garrison-Greenwood and Ball figures.
They are Persians, a peltast, a camel rider and a clibinarius (iirc)
I'm pretty sure 5c through 5G are also Garrison figures. Phrygian axeman, Eastern Roman Archer (Syrian),A Germanic peltast with the option of an axe or a spear, and what look like two roman cavalrymen.
Interesting assortment of figures!

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Doug

They are literally 'odds and sods', I have reasonable samples of white metal by all the main companies (in storage unfortunately), where they were easy to ID, or still had the packaging, these are the runts!

Quite a few are 'maybe Minifigs' or 'maybe Garrison' going on bases, but not marked to match those I sorted when I sorted them!

Strange that 2D and 4 haven't rung any bells as I remember a pile of them, but it was a rummage-tray and they are a bit chunky so they may not have been a success at the time!


Hugh Walter said...

Tim eMailed:

Minifigs Imperial Rome (Second style)
3A IR24 Barbarian Symmachiarius Javelinman

3B Garrison Gallic standard bearer

Minifigs Macedonian Punic Wars
2A PB18 Persian Officer (Early style)
2F PB38 Roman Velite (Second style)
7C PB43 Carthaginian Infantry Officer(Second style)

Minifigs Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth
2C MF1 Uruk-Hai

Minifigs S range
2B AGR8s Spartan Hoplite

7A looks like AR5 as well
2E AR5 Roman Advancing (Early Version)

7C AB13 Byzantine Archer

8A All are Hinton Hunt 20mm Zulus

8B AGR5 Greek Archer
7B AGR5 Greek Archer
Original and later remodelled versions of this figure. The original figure is wearing a fur skin cap, as shown by Funcken.

8C SAMC2 Mounted Samurai Warrior Archer.

3C is Minifigs, no Idea what.

Hope this helps a bit,


Yes - it all helps enormously Tim - thanks again!



Hugh Walter said...


Unknown Ancients

1A I think is Garrison 20mm (Not 25mm, which is why he's different) The pose is pure Garrison.

And Yes: PE3 Persian Infantry Half Armoured

1B and 1C are Garrison 25mm. Aside from the sculpting which is not Dick Higgs, Minifigs had the saddles attached to the riders, not the horse. They are either Persians OR from the Hyborean range. (Our local shop had both, so I was never sure which my cavalry was coming from. But most if not all of the Hyborean cavalry was one-piece.)


More thanks from me Tim


MSFoy said...

Hi Hugh - enjoying these mystery tour posts! - 6c is definitely s-range Minifigs, and 6d very distinctive 20mm Garrison horse pose - except that Scruby did some exactly the same.

Hugh Walter said...

Thank you Mr. Foy! That's actually it for a while, but as I say I have found a larger box of 'Unknown Wellingtonians'! Although applying some of the rules that have come to light in these posts should allow me to filter out some of the Minifigs and Hinton Hunt etc...But there will still be a few posts in there - soon!


Gisby said...

Picture 4 is Asgard Vikings

V1 Two-Handed Axeman
V2 Archer
V3 Heavy Infantryman with Spear
V4 Heavy Infantryman with Sowrd
V5 Spearman
V6 Berserker
V7 Light Javelinman
V8 Standard Bearer
V9 Heavy Infantryman with Fur Cloak and Hood
V10 Heavy Infantryman with Fur Waistcoat
V11 Viking Slinger

Hugh Walter said...

Mr Gisby Sir! You are a star...funnily enough I was looking in the 'A' folder a couple of nights ago, wondering if any of them were the 'A', and Asgard is one of them...I don't know what's in that folder, probably an old TMP link and not much more...I'll look later!

Cheers Tim - Above and beyond.


_ which means the other A-thing'ed figure in one of the other posts will be Asgard as well?