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Friday, January 13, 2017

U is for Unknown Fantasy and Sci-Fi

A complete change of plan given recent events and on-going stuff, so for the next few days I'll be posting unknown white-metal or lead small scale stuff (that'll be 'metal smalls'!), so if you want large scale or plastic, or any other material for that matter; come back in about a week! Or 48hrs after Dum Blog publish their Part 3 - whichever is the sooner!

If you like a challenge however, can you ID any of these chaps and chap'esses . . . and err . . . things?

He has a plug ofr a heavy base and a choice of heads, one of which reminds me of Ro-Jaws from 2000 AD! He is also glued at the waist from two main parts.

Crude sculpts, but really nice 'Old School' look to them, two babes and an Alien who refers-back to Star War's Admiral Akbar in the head area?

I think the three zombies may be one of the newer companies?

Second wizard is a denser, hard,  antiqued-wash, pewter, and probably a touristy thing, missing a coloured 'gem' stone on the plinth.

Are these Orks or Goblins? Does it matter? Is it a case of size v's scale? Who cares, someone painted them beautifully and then let them go . . . or died? Anyway, they are not my work, but I like them!

They appear to have small round bases under the landscaping, so probably not Games Workshop, does anyone recognise them? Did you paint them and let them go while remaining very-much alive?

A right old mix here, but most of them seem to be the same maker (most of the second two rows), they look a bit like some Ral Partha, but the bases are unmarked, there is some damage/paint and the cavalryman may be way-off but his base is similar ans he came with some of the others.

Top row are one-offs, the skinky one having a small oblong base, the other two are baseless, but may have been removed from Games Workshop type 'slotts'?

Total mix - anyone recognise any of them? I'm guessing there's some Games Workshop Epic in there? And the Arab thief may be more a colonial or medieval thing?

Nude babe! Based like the green chaps above and could be from an ancient slave range, but much cruder that the Rose Miniatures ones?

Don't know if these are ancient/medieval or fantasy, but they are here as they go in the bag with the next lot!

These were all bought by me between 1980 and 1983 from either Concord Models in Aldershot or Tangley Model Workshop in Guildford, but are not 'their' ranges, but seem to be the same maker.

EY from the 1:72nd Scale Multiverse Blog has identified the first two as being from a Minifigs (Miniature Figurines) 'Wheel of Torture' set (I think the wheel ended-up in the wagon-spares!), but the rest are a mystery to me? The last three and the hanged-man might be from the same lot as the previous image - I think!


tradgardmastare said...

The coloured photo space goblins/orcs were made by Garrison and are part of their Admins range I think.

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Alan! One down . . . lots to go!


Graham Apperley said...

Hi Hugh,
1A Games Workshop (GW) Minataur I believe.
3A Citadel (GW) Fantasy Tribe Zombies 1982
5A GW WH40K Eldar Warp Spider
5B GW WH40K (Ork)Gretchin
5D, H, I Prince August Fantasy Orc, Skeleton and Goblin respectively
5K Minifigs Valley of the four winds range Wizard(?)
6A &D GW Epic Space Marine Dreadnought and Mole Mortar respectively
6F GW Thief (as with the Minataur I can't find the exact figure but I am pretty sure its a GW model)
Hope that helps!

Hugh Walter said...

Graham! Long-time-no-hear! Well . . . May? Hope you're keeping well and had a good holiday season - that reads a bit PC! Hope you had a bloody-good Crimbo!

Yes, it helps enormously! And I've had some success on today's ancient post (including another fantasy figure!), so better and better!


Graham Apperley said...

Glad to be of help. Yes it was May at Plastic Warrior I think. Don't think I will be there this year unfortunately as it probably clashes with a holiday booked by my better half. Hey ho....onwards and upwards!

Hugh Walter said...

Oh Graham! You can leave the tree up after twelfth-night, you can break a mirror, walk under a ladder or cross the path of a black cat, but miss PW? That's a year's bad luck right there!


Hugh Walter said...

Tim emailed:

Three Zombies are old Citadel.

G D H I are from Prince August moulds

K (VFW51) is Minifigs Valley of the four Winds

M Citadel Druid
N Citadel Werewolf

Cheers Tim

Gisby said...

Picture 8 - Barry Minot Fantasy - Age of the Barbarian

HA 17 Large Refectory-Type Table with Plates, Food, Wine, etc.
HA 18 Bench for HA-17, seats 4
HA 19 Nude Dancer for HA-17
HA 20 Seated Barbarian, Drinking
HA 21 Seated Barbarian, Eating
HA 22 Seated Barbarian, Holding Up Goblet
HA 23 Seated Pair of Barbarians, Arm-In-Arm, Holding Up Goblets
HA 24 Seated Pair: Barbarian with Girl
HA 25 Drunken Barbarian Slumped on Table
HA 26 Seated Maiden, Eating
HA 27 Seated Maiden, Drinking
HA 28 Semi-Nude Female Dancer
HA 29 Semi-Nude Female Dancer
HA 30 Semi-Nude Female Dancer
HA 31 Semi-Nude Female Dancer
(HA28-31 all in different poses)
HA 32 Semi-Nude Serving Wench with Tray of Food
HA 33 Serving Wench with Tray of Drinks
HA 34 Seated Barbarian Grasping Female Dancer, Exposing Her Rear
HA 35 Barbarian Standing, Leaning on Table
HA 36 Barbarian with Arm Around Maiden
HA 37 Barbarian with Maiden, Dancing
HA 38 Barbarian with Maiden on his Shoulder
HA 39 Barbarian Lying on Cushions
HA 40 Barbarian Carrying Off Maiden

Gisby said...

9D is also from - Barry Minot Fantasy - Age of the Barbarian, and 9C MAY be. 9E I don't think so (because there is already a slumped figure in picture 8.)

Hugh Walter said...

That (9E) makes perfect sense Gisby as he is sculpturally a heavier figure than the others and has more texture!

They all came from a bargain-bin back in 1980-82!


Gisby said...

Picture 2 SCREAMED Barry Minot at me, but nowhere could I find a listing for them. Today I found them, with pictures: The Perils of Flasher.


He had a style....

Gisby said...

Picture 4 is indeed the Admins Space Goblins


Hugh Walter said...

That's brilliant Gisby, gas grenades? What rotters!