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Monday, January 16, 2017

U is for Unknown Khaki and Camouflage

The 20th Century's industrialised carnage has left me with a similar number of 'unknowns' as any other era; the democracy of war-gamers - and there was me thinking there were more Wellingtonian fans than any other! Or is it that the ratio of makers who don't mark well is the same; there might be a dissertation in there!

Four singles to start, the German 'Para' (1C) seems almost hand-made from a soldering-iron? He's definitely been given a replacement base or mend. The walking chap (1D, Afrika Korps?) has had a weapon glued across his chest which is missing and is carrying two pieces of scrap plastic-rod, while I think the Tommy is Rose, but the marks not clear so confirmation would be kind, and is he designated late WWI or WWII?

The seated guy could be WWII or Modern Cold War and has shades of Hasegawa half-track crew?

These are interesting, they look (and feel - very tinny) like the Almark figures, but are not the two listed sets of five, and what's left of the codes suggests an Machine-gun 'group' (but it could just as easily be 'G for German'?), could they be a late un-catalogued addition to the Almark range (remember the plastic Brits had support weapons), or are they another of the very prolific Stadden's many ranges?

Naval Types. That's all I know; no marks, age is hard to judge and the seated figure is a poor sculpt, seemingly based on Airfix drivers. Anyone recognise them?

Late-war Panzergrenadiers with assault rifle and Panzerfaust, not bad sculpts - a bit chunky maybe and the lack of legs on the binocular periscope suggests the figure might be designed for a vehicle (he'd look good in the Esci command-251), so Skytrex or someone like that?

Some 15mm shite that came in with a mixed lot! I say shite, but no greater or lesser reason for existing than my prejudice! And I like Land Rovers whatever the size (as we will see in a minute) so I'm just inventing blurb - for total unknowns!

The seats have planking detailed on them to match the floor, but in reality they had plastic cushions over aluminium locker-lids with padlock-hasps that could catch your calves if you weren't careful!

Just the cupola crewman to ID now, a large beret suggests German early-war armoured car?

These are the biggest embarrassment in all these posts as I bought them! From the maker! But long before I was ID'ing metal, so never kept a note of them, or at least if there is a note; it will be in the files of correspondence, currently in storage.

They were bought for the flak-sledge project which has been on hold for the longest time and will remain on hold until I can collect on a glasses prescription that has me operating the laptop at arm's length these days!
Could they be Dixon Miniatures - I vaguely remember them doing figures in this style? Again, they could equally be Skytrex as I know I have their catalogue somewhere? What is certain is that I was bloody disappointed when they arrived, and I realised I'd purchased 6 identical horses!

Land Rovers! Micro ones at that; I think the smaller LWB Ambulance might be Skytrex as I had their WWII stuff as a kid and that miss-registering of the mould halves and general blobbyness was a common feature of the range!

Two are ID'd as Heroics & Ross (the best sculpts), while the rear SWB is smaller and the Wombat (which should be a LWB) is a hideous mess, it really is just a token or counter! I assume with the DMB that the MB bit is 'Modern British'?

Elephant/Ferdinand, Not Skytrex (they were single-part blobs with wire barrels), not marked H&R, leaves GHQ? Or a minor maker; two-part molding, glued together, marked 190 on rear and Elephant twice in body-cavity

Don't know at all! Germans or GI's? Chubby 20mm'ish sculpts I think (looking at the photo) they are supposed to be holding M16's with fritz helmets?

Below them a row of 6mm British Infantry advancing? I'd love to know in either/both cases?


Andy B said...

Hi Hugh,

Could your paratrooper figure 1c be Hinchliffe? They produced a number of crude supts of WW2 figures i Recall.

Hugh Walter said...

Thanks Andy . . .it hasn't got the HM moniker on the base, but I'll bear it in mind as a possible!

"Believed to be" looks better than "Unknown"!!!!


Jan Ferris said...

You have a nice collection of miniatures here. You have me wanting to go back and take another look at 6mm.

Hugh Walter said...

Rather you than me Jan...they look like blobs to me!


Hugh Walter said...

Tim emailed with the following thoughts on the little Germans:


OK. I can't say which, even though I have been looking... but they look frankenstein-ed together from Airfix bits and then moulded. Not very well.

The barrel-less pistol looks like the German infantry officer, the clipboard from the SDKFZ 222 kit. Several heads look like old Afrika Korps heads and the finish on the first figure is wildly different between his body and head.

I suspect they are homecasts


To which I added - I got the other two and have posted them in the comments section, but I wasn't sure on the this one! The kneeling guys have something in common with both the first and second version Airfix, maybe he (whoever he was) should have been working for Airfix!


David Ray said...

Your Ferdinand is Stevens International, a knock off of Skytrex's,I have 5 or 6 I bought way long ago. I converted most to ARVs & a couple into Porsche Tiger 1's.

David Ray said...
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Hugh Walter said...

Cheers David - what a Star you are! New one on me, I'll do some digging!