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Thursday, January 19, 2017

U is for Unknown Metal Cowboys, Colonials and Combatants from the Colonies!

When I said on the Unknown WWI / II post the other day "...a similar number of 'unknowns' as any other era; the democracy of war-gamers - and there was me thinking there were more Wellingtonian fans than any other..." I was mistaking the AWI and ACW tub (contents next) for the Wellingtonians, I have now found the Wellingtonians, they were in a larger box altogether and will provide a week's-worth of 'Unknown' posts by themselves!

However I will do some other stuff in-between, but to clear the other era's (whose combined samples - as I had at first cynically suspected - probably only match that over-dressed bunch of peacocks) this in the assorted C19th stuff.

Combative chaps from the colonies starts on the left with a damaged (and possibly factory-painted?) Mad Madi's man from the Middle East, he could make a recruit for one of the British East African regiments but you would have to give him boots!

Next to him is another HH; as I'm loading these posts in a batch, someone may have ID's them in a previous post by the time these go up [Hinton Hunt!], but I'll collate all the 'answers' at the end! A Zulu this time, clearly designed to be holding a separate [missing] stabbing-spear, knobkerrie or fly-wisk/pointy-stick thing?

The rest are arab types; all unmarked, going 20mm+ 15mm and 6mm, the 6mils being a pair on camels and a pair on rather large horses!

A large - but blobby - arab cavalryman in around 28mm, followed by chap in a pill-box hat (Indian Mutiny? Or earlier?) around 25mm, then a 20mm who may be Grenadier Miniatures? It's also hard to tell who/what he is, he may be WWII French resistance or Russian revolution, he seem to have a beret and a blanket roll - Spanish Civil War?

The last two are an unknown, oversized 15mm Zulu and a standard 23/25mm Chinese chap, probably Boxer Rebellion but could be earlier 'Ancient'?

P is for Pith! The first Scottish figure is very nice and from the neat MADE IN ENGLAND calligraphied on the base seems to be factory painted and has been soldered to a tin-base, then a chunky wagon-rider or gun crewman. An 'on the small-side' 20mm officer is in the middle with a much larger prone figure to his right.

This forth figure has a lot in common with the known figures in my collection from Stadden and Suren, so I'm guessing he belongs with them, but being baseless lacks any markings, not that Stadden's bases are always legible, but they are generally easy/easier to ID! The final figure is barely 20mm at all but would look good with Airfix 1st type FFL!

More Pith! Anyone recognise this complete gun-crew and Gatling-gun set-up? It's not the one I vandalised many years ago for my ACW 'army', that had a taller magazine and winding handle missing from this one, I think my childhood one was a - much-marked with the HM monogram - Hinchliffe one; while this has no markings on any of its components

My unknown Cowboys in whitemetal, all three of them - 40mm giant (unmarked), 25mm with the same double-triangle and round base as those Vikings the other day (U is for Unknown Ancient Metal Figures [4]) and a 20mm prospector, probably from a tourist trinket; also unmarked; he's been glued to a steel base with a two-part epoxy such as Araldite.


Duncan in Berlin said...

Hello Hugh; 3E is a Jacklex figure; looks like the chap firing the Gattling Gun; http://www.spencersmithminiatures.co.uk/C1-1-.jpg ;1C is one of the old RSM Colonials (Ex Pax Britannica) Pathan Adv with Rifle...

Hope that helps. Cheers and greetings from Berlin

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Duncan in Berlin; it does, it does, and I'd rather be in Berlin than here right now, you lucky man!


Tim eMailed me with a full breakdown on most of them!

1B = ZWZ1 Hinton Hunt Iduna http://findthatfigure.blogspot.ca/2008/08/zwz-1-zulu-induna-in-headdress-and.html

ZWZ 1 Zulu Induna in headdress and regalia, pointing

2B = Minifigs IC4 Gurkha Advancing

3B =? Minifigs BCC14 Limber Rider ? (Not 100% But he looks Minifigs)

3C is Minifigs S Range - BC 3s British Infantry Officer
British Colonial
BC 1s British Infantryman Advancing
BC 2s British Infantryman Firing
BC 3s British Infantry Officer [highlighted in eMail]
BC 4s Highlander Advancing
BC 5s Highland Officer
BC 6s
BC 7s
BC 8s
BC 9s
BC 10s
BC 11s
BC 12s
BC 13s
BC 14s
BC 15s

2E Minifigs S Range - Sam 7 Peasant with spear and sword

Sam 1 Samurai warrior with sword
Sam 2 Samurai warrior with spear
Sam 3 Peasant with sword
Sam 4 Armoured peasant with sword
Sam 5 Peasant with bow
Sam 6 Peasant with bamboo spear
Sam 7 Peasant with spear and sword [highlighted in eMail]
Sam 8 Samurai warrior archer
SamC 1 Mounted Samurai warrior with spear
SamC 2 Mounted Samurai warrior archer
SamC 3 Mounted Samurai warrior with sword

Cheers again Tim - I'll have to find that 'find the figure' blog, it's escaped me!


Hugh Walter said...

And then he came back with more...

2D - 15mm isn't my normal stomping ground, but I was sure I knew the style from Warrior Miniatures: Sure enough, A Gallia 15mm Zulu

MC79 Zulu, Full Dress, throwing Assegaii

Gallia Miniatures - 15mm Colonials
All figures are 21p each, recommended animals are shown (H1, H2 etc) but are not included. One Piece Castings (OPC) priced individually.

MC68 Zulu, unmarried, thrusting with Assegaii
MC69 Zulu, unmarried, throwing Assegaii
MC70 Zulu, unmarried, with Knob-kerrie
MC71 Zulu, unmarried, firing Rifle
MC72 Zulu, unmarried, advancing with Rifle
MC73 Zulu, IsiCoco, thrusting with Assegaii
MC74 Zulu, IsiCoco, throwing Assegaii
MC75 Zulu, IsiCoco, with Knob-kerrie
MC76 Zulu, IsiCoco, firing Rifle
MC77 Zulu, IsiCoco, advancing with rifle
MC78 Zulu, Full Dress, thrusting with Assegaii
MC79 Zulu, Full Dress, throwing Assegaii
MC80 Zulu, Full Dress, firing Rifle
MC81 Zulu, Full Dress, with Knob-kerrie
MC82 Zulu, Full Dress, advancing with Rifle
MC83 Zulu Induna (Leader)
MC84 British Infantryman firing
MC85 British Infantryman advancing
MC86 British Infantryman prone
MC87 British Infantry Officer
MC88 British Infantry Bugler
MC89 British Infantry Standard Bearer
MC90 Highlander firing
MC91 Highlander advancing
MC92 Highlander prone
MC93 Highlander Officer
MC94 Highlander Piper
MC95 Highlander Standard Bearer
MC96 Dragoon. H7. H8
MC97 Lancer. H7. H8
MC98 Mounted Officer. H7. H8
MC99 Mounted Infantryman. H7. H8
MC100 Mounted Infantryman on foot
MC101 Artillery Gatling Gunner
MC102 Artilleryman carrying Gatling Ammo
MC103 Artilleryman kneeling
MC104 Artilleryman standing
MC105 Artilleryman with shell
MC106 Artillery Officer
MC107 Limber Rider
MC108 Naval Brigade Gatling Gunner
MC109 Naval Brigade Gatling Ammo Carrier
MC110 Frontier Light Horse Trooper. H15. H16
MC111 Frontier Light Horse Officer. H15. H16
MC112 Natal Native Contingent with Rifle
MC113 Natal Native Contingent with Assegaii
MC114 Naval Brigade Rating with Rifle
MC115 Naval Brigade Rating with Sabre
MC116 Naval Brigade Officer

Many thanks Tim


Hugh Walter said...

And - later the same day...

2B isn't a Gurkha, that figure has gaiters or puttees. I'm going with Indian Mutiny IM23 Sepoy Advancing, service dress.


1D = Minifigs 51CC Dervish Cavalryman with sword.

The HH Zulu didn't have a separate weapon, he was gesturing, He has a weapon behind his shield.


Many, many thanks Tim, you're going beyond the call!


Hugh Walter said...

Finally Tim 'nails' the gun -

Picture 4 - Gatling gun - Black Tree Designs ZW1020


Thanks again Tim!


Gisby said...

Oddly enough, for the Hinton Hunt and Gallia Zulus, see http://smallscaleworld.blogspot.ca/2009/02/z-is-also-for-zulus.html

Hugh Walter said...

I did know....errr....and then I didn't! The stuff gets lost in the pile! Also I think I had Military Modelling to hand to match the style - if not the figure - then!


Gisby said...

Tradition had an almost identical figure (in pose at least, the regalia was different) in their 20mm Zulus - I actually went back and checked to make sure it was HH and not Tradition.

Apropos of nothing, at least one of the Tradition 20mm had (instead of lacing) rows of tiny overlapping circles stamped on the shield.