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Sunday, February 5, 2017

C is for Contribution Fortnight - X - Arco Cap-firing 'Space Tank' SPG from Clarence

Along with the playset we looked at the other day, Mr. Clausey also sent me a couple of shots of what is best described as a bloody-great behemoth of a thing! Clarence has been picking these up off eBay when he sees them and has a battery of five now!

Described by Clarence as an Arco cap-firing tank, I started to dig-around Google and see if I could find out more about it, in fact I couldn't find anything, until I added 'Combat Force' to the mix, whereupon I found the item currently listed on evilBay for 50-odd dollars, but credited to DSI (Diversified Specialists Inc.) Toys [or DSIT], so I pulled the post and frantically emailed Clarence to double-check the Arco connection.

The enemy appears to have got round behind the battery (of guns) to interdict the [battery] power source!

Clarence got back to me with an assurance that Arco is moulded onto all his examples, along with other marks (MAC*XI), so we can assume that they (Arco) supplied these 'Weapons of Mass-destruction' to DSI. More womble'ing on Google reveals that DSI specialised in this kind of toy alongside dolls (far more money in dolls than we 'boys toys' fan's imagine), between 1970 and 2003; when they ceased trading.

As Arco were themselves absorbed by their then parent Mattel in 1997, having been bought by them in 1986, and with the DSI version being boxed in 1991, they were clearly marketed by Arco, with Mattel's permission, probably sourced from an anonymous OEM in China and shipped through 4th or 5th parties to DSI . . . such is the modern toy industry, and with everyone in the chain wanting a percentage or two of profit . . .

. . . but enough of the boring bit! This thing automatically fires 8-shot cap drums, while driving about! It's like a self-propelled Lone Star six-shooter! Well . . . eight-shooter. Compatible with standard 3¼" (90-odd millimetres) action figures popularised in the 1980's following Mattel's famous Star Wars franchise figures from the late 1970's, it has three dedicated stations for them, two cupolas 'up front' with hatches and a seat 'up-top' for the gunner.

The mechanism is similar to that in a cap-gun but a one-way, inner, toothed-gear wheel - set onto the same face that receives the ammunition 'magazine' - is operated by battery-powered electric signal, to trigger firing, rather than a manual mechanism.

The same power-pack provides movement forwards and in reverse and all in all the DSI, Arco or 'and' Arco-Mattel rendition of the Remote Control Combat Force Ring-cap Firing Mobile Attack Cannon [Battery Operated] is a beast!

Under all the weaponry is a basic M1 Abrahms chassis, but the beast reminds me more of some of the experimental 1950's Russian SPG's which turned-up in ex-Soviet museums after The Wall came down! Really it's a 'Space Tank'!

Thanks for sharing it with us Clarence

06th-Feb - Late Addition - Arco on Nu-Earth!

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