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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

C is for Contribution Fortnight - XII - Airfix Ready-made AFV display from Glenn

Glenn sent this from the other side of the world, literally, not figuratively as he lives in the land of the lazy parrots and a walking fruit with a long bill! Not, as I'd previously said; the land of the "...laast of the vee-ehyt inter'cepters" and where the mice can be 7-foot tall and box each other before breakfast - that's a land of a very different hue, many leagues hence from New Zealand - where Glenn lives!

It is quite the most perfect picture of a display of the 2nd version Airfix 'ready-mades' I've ever seen, with the modern over the WWII, the green over the grey, the biggies to the left, gun and tractors on top, it all fits, it all works, perfect!

Thanks Glenn!


Paul´s Bods said...

Damm..He´s got the lot!!! I used to have them all (and a few in 1/32nd) but I could never find the elephant!!

Hugh Walter said...

Seriously? I've got a spare - Find me something nice and we'll do a straight swap! It's a minter, but no box...actually...I think I may have a spare with the box...I'll check tonight!


Hugh Walter said...

Tell you what I need...the Jean fuel-tankers in army green, there are two versions, or a tank transporter with the correct tractor unit - I think? It's all in storage!

I'll get back to you!


Uncle Brian said...

Hi Hugh,

It is a shame the ready-mades have never been re-released by Airfix, as they allow for the rapid expansion of toy armies! I have been fortunate to obtain a number from Glenn for my gaming, and they paint up well and look good on the table top.

It is nice to see a picture of all of them in one place!



Hugh Walter said...

I guess the market moved on, I don't know, but I think the properties of ethylene require different moulds/moulding techniques, better suited to large runs, and there just isn't that much interest in WWII stuff outside the hobby?

But - yes; it's a nice little display!