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Sunday, February 12, 2017

C is for Contribution Season! - XV - Paratroopers from Brian

Well - There's a few more in the queue, and Brian's folder gets filled again before it's emptied, case in point is today's post, he sent some of these to the Blog while Rack Toy month was winding-up, some more at Christmas (after I'd posted 35 scheduled posts), and the others a few days ago, and together they make a post on one of my favourite subjects . . . parachute toys!

These were in the August image-batch, and are manufactured like inflatable toys, but I suspect heat-sealed over a piece of shaped-foam? They are also a second Funtastic, but with a capital T in the logo I will list them as Fun-Tastic to differentiate from the UK one.

This Jaru-imported trooper slipped-in under the radar at Christmas and might have languished with the others in the folder until next august, but gets to take a bow today instead.

He's sort of action-figure style, but a single-moulding so right at home here, and with his shaped card, seems to be a sign of a current Jaru trend for content-related, blister-card, shape-cutting - remember the two different rocket-balloons we looked at on Guy Fawke's Night?

Then this turned-up; earlier this week, or was it last week? I'm all a bit sixes-and-nines at the moment! How cool are these - we've had Amscan paratroopers from Brian before, and parachuting skeletons, now we have a pooper-trooping menagerie of lions, tigers, hippos and monkeys! These really are too cool for PJI School, that's how cool!

Thanks again Brian - if you keep finding paratroopers (or even and 'Yea Verily' parachuting wild animals!) - I'll keep posting them!

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