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Monday, February 13, 2017

C is for Contribution Season - XVI - Small Scale Civilians from Dario

Dario from Italy sent these 'unknow'n small scale to the blog ages ago, and while they are low-resolution and a bit fuzzy, they are more plastic-grist to the collectors-mill and worth a shufftie! All scaled with a Quaker Gladiator.

These look to be similar to Spanish Sobres, but to a higher standard of sculpting/Finnish and original design, although similar in posing to the old Wiking strips, so . . . anyone know anything else about these?

I have a set of these painted and carded by Life Like or IHC (I'm pretty sure it's IHC, but not 100% and they're in storage), obviously they were marketed elsewhere as unpainted mouldings on the runner, presumably with a die-cast fire-appliance or similar vehicle set, but equally could be a model railway thing - that's how my painted set is marketed.

Close-up of the unframed runner - I think some of these poses have appeared in larger scale Hong Kong/China sets, but as you can see these are all in the HO and OO-guage compatible size-range. Thanks Dario.

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