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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

C is for Contribution Season - XVII - Monogram (II)/DC Comics Figurines from Brian

I thought we'd  looked at these briefly a while back, but I can't find them on the Blog and now Brian's sent me some more shelfies, and the card-back has changed slightly, so the range is obviously larger than first thought, and we'll have a look . . .

 . . . first at those recent shelfies - four figures all DC (well they have the better characters!) with two of three different Batmen shown on the card backs, a Flash and Superman.

Card back of one of the figures Brian donated to the Blog, I think this is the older card showing a Robin and only one Batman, along with a rather nice Joker - barking at the moon "No! Not The Batman - again!"!

Robin's gone (best place for 'im!) and we have new Man-Bat poses (yes - I know there was a character called 'The Man-bat' . . . he was a baddie; I seem to remember!).

I don't remember buying any of these which means Brian must have donated them to the blog twice as I wouldn't have de-carded the two if the other hadn't been around to keep mint. This Monogram is the same one who do the Simpson's figurines.

Wonder Woman, she was wonderful wasn't she....ummmmm...Sorry! Were was I? Oh, yeah! Thanks Brian! Mmmmmm...Lynda Carter....where are you now?... I need saving from the horrid Penn-State gang...mmmmmmm...Lynda....

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