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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

C is for Contribution Week - VI - Marx Tabletop from Clarence

This appeared in my inbox with no text the following "Marx Desert Fox custom play set table..thought you might like....." in the title box and an eMail address I didn't recognise! I though it looked lovely, but needed something to go with it, so sent a message - "But that's lovely! Would you like to say something about it before I put it on the blog...."

I love it that one American has made it across the river and started laying into the Germans with his bayonet, windmill-fashion, while the spotter on the island's 'bought-it'!

Clarence Causey (for it was he) then explained the idea behind the table-display . . . 

"Hugh [I] got [The] original set in 1972 for Christmas at age 9.  Then for some reason at age 50, after having my own kids, began to relive my childhood and decided to start with the old Desert Fox play set.  I have the original plastic play mat, but thought a table would be easier to move around and have fun with, and my kids helped me paint it.  The set is all original Marx with exception of palm trees, US soldiers and 88mm flak guns which are all recasts.  Naturally enough, everything came from eBay..."

 . . . and sent a close-up of the rarer Marx '51' Tank, a scale-up (with extra detailing) of the older model.

The close-up of the bigger '51' tank

So thank you Clarence for sending that little treat to the blog (he sent something else as well!), 50? The best reason for starting anything Clarence!


Gisby said...

It took me back, sort of: I made a similar table for my Airfix Japanese and US marines, with a bunch of Marx pillboxes, etc. The island was made of piled sawdust, which I thought was pretty dam' clever. (I was 10 or so)

It was great, until the cat discovered a nice clean pile of sawdust, and started burying his own 'mines' in it.

Until then, it was fun, though.

Hugh Walter said...

Heheheheh! We had a sandpit which suffered from the same feline burials of anti-personnel ordnance!