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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

K is for Keep on Walking, Da-da, Da-da, Da-darh, Kee'pon Warr'or-hore-oarrrr'kin!

Ha! Leaving you with an ear-worm for the next hour or so (don't feel bad; I'm stuck with it too and I've got to write the rest of this blurb!) and - as we saw him in the previous post - returning to the chap walking-along (and his mate; the 'chap walking-along with clipboard'!), another of the easier 'sections' of Lucky Toy's output. And that's fifteen spelling mistakes in the first paragraph - bloody song! [Are you actually singing 'Walking' in your head too . . .it's 'Running' in the original - how weird is auto-suggestion?]

I call this the lozenge-based guy, can't think why! Apart from the little one who turned-up a year or so ago (these articles were started in 2012!) they are to a standard size, toward the taller end of Lucky's line-up and non-clipboard guy bears a resemblance to a Matchbox figure, but is in fact different.

Why they've got this shape of base is anyone's guess, why only these two poses got it - likewise! There are five sub-variants, and like the ones we've already looked at; those differences will be down - in part - to sub-contracts, however once you have stocks of each, they will tend to end-up in various boxes and it would take a massive collection of plastic toy vehicles (which - 'mint' - are fetching some pretty hefty prices these days) to start establishing patterns (something I'm sure Mr. Sell will be able to accomplish by closing his eyes and thinking inventing for half-a-second).

The 'standard' Lucky base is probably the one at the top, in the middle is the 1112 code again which may - as I suggested the other day (yesterday? I'm losing track here) - be for a specific client or order fulfillment? While a third shows signs of the eleven-twelve being removed from the mould-tool again - bottom graphic.

There is one with a key-hole in the base, which would have been for a retaining pin shot-through the card-liner and turned to hold the figure down, Star Toys used a simpler arrangement with a straight-through popper (as did others) but Zee/Zylmex used a very similar retaining 'key' for their die-cast tanks and other toys. Other figures with the same marking have a slight scar where the hole has subsequently been filled-in again - after the fulfilment of an order or contract?.

Another line-up with the sub-sized 'newie' to the left. A very useful couple of figures who could be employed as delivery drivers or warehouse banksmen with the various vans and lorries the various brands using Lucky's products issued, or as a milkman, or even as police officers or medics.

Lozenge-based Guys
452 - Walking with clip-board (similar to Corgi figure)
453 - Walking no clip-board (similar to Corgi figure)

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