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Saturday, February 25, 2017

S is for a Stripey Magic Mini!

There's not much on it, but reading this; that comes as no surprise! Not only that, but having though I'd finally tracked-down the set, what do I find but a little tyke called Andy still to find . . . hay-ho!

Anyway, courtesy of Binns Road and Dinky, I give you Mr and Mrs Bearanda from the Toy Shop and Candy; Andy's off doing a stock-take! No Stripey Mini (apparently designed by Paul Smith - the stripes where actually horizontal to the ground, rather than the 45º's of the Dinky one) , I'm drawing a line under die-cast civilian vehicles, we'd never get it all covered!

Because this is an otherwise rather barren post, and apropos some forthcoming posts, the above are the contents of Dinky's figure/accessory set 009 Service Station Personnel, the mechanics being much pirated in Hong Kong, while the sales staff and customers seem to have escaped the plagiarists attention!

All the above seem to be Charles Stadden sculpts, probably from the Triang-Line's Brothers factory; Minimodels in Havant on the South Coast.

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