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Thursday, March 16, 2017

D is for Dastardly Dead Death by Dodgy Doughnut. . . Doh!

Just a quickie today, from the Parker Games stable of Hasbro, this is one of several tie-in versions of the old Cludo game, but called Clue (as it always was the other side of the pond) and staring The Simpsons!

Charity-shop find, couple of quid, brilliant! Crusty has the most colours; eight including the black and white they all share (nine with the yellow plastic they also share!), while some only have two or three, to even-out unit-costs over the set. Murder weapons include Marge's necklace, Crusty's 'Glove-O-Matic', a radioactive fuel-rod from Springfield's power station and a poisoned doughnut! The kids are killing with a catapult and saxophone!

Each figure is primarily coloured to equate to one of the traditional characters, which are then given on the cards next to the Simpson character's name, rather negating the point of using Simpson characters, but at least we get another six figures to collect! Figures are between twenty-five  and forty-five millimeters.

If the little envelope ever said someone else Killed Homer anywhere with the doughnut, I'd challenge the result, they haven't made a doughnut that would kill Homer yet . . . which reminds me; did I ever tell you about the doughnuts you used to get at Guildford station, they had little pimples on the base where they expanded into their mesh-trays, as they cooked . . . covered in sugar . . . the jam was to die for . . . sometimes I used to buy two . . . and another on the way home . . .if they had any left . . . Doh!

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