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Saturday, March 25, 2017

F is for Follow-up to Henbrandt

So, I've managed to track down some more of Henbrandt's little pocket-money parcels, and we'll have a quick shuftie at them now.

There was a new coral-reef, plant-animal, polyp-based, life form, coral thing (plantimal?) which will be as useful as the one we looked at the other day for alien backgrounds! This hasn't been there the previous few visits, so others may turn-up in the future . . . there's clearly a big box of this stuff 'out the back'! Or - is it supposed to be an anemone?

I don't know if these are part of the reef set, or a separate set of fishes, I have managed to miss a few, which they had had the other week (buying a medieval set instead!), but they keep topping the tray-up so they may yet reappear? Also these were in the carded blister-set MTC shots Brian Berke sent to the blog almost a year ago.

The alien got his fingers caught in the bagging-machine "Unexpected item in the melty-crushing area!" and is clearly related to the capsule toys we looked at ages ago from some Dutch import/wholesale outfit, so he too is probably findable elsewhere as a gum-ball capsule toy? The funny thing is - if you opened him carefully, with a hair dryer on hot, his hand might spring-back into shape?

While the dog is the only one to turn up and they've had several of the same pose, so does he belong with the 'Wild Animal' set we looked at last time (mammals), or is he the (pun alert)  tail-end (groan) of a dog set? I suspect the latter as he's larger than even the elephant and hippo of the previous set?

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