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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

ID'd is for Indentified - 2 KM - Gun Set, & 3 - Milton Bradley - Star Bird

A couple more from old WTF posts that have since been ID'd, one ages ago by me courtesy of a rack-toy on evilBay, the other by a reminder from Plaid Stallions the other day.

So those funny hollow-semi-flats we looked at back at the start of the Blog were from a rack-toy shooting game called Military Action Force Gun Set by a - probably - madeupbrand; KM, but it could be a Kader [Manufacturing] brand/subsidiary?

The figures (one each of the three poses) came with a plastic toy pistol modelled after a Luger Parabellum and six balls which might be a silicon/rubber type or a blow-moulded type? The figures providing the targets to be knocked over!

Milton Bradley's TV advertised toy came around the time we moved house and while I vaguely remember the adverts on telly, I better remember the contemporaneous Big-Track which has also been on Plaid Stallions (an excellent nostalgia hit of a blog) alongside this Star Bird Command Base.

And when are 70's fashions coming back, I want a pair of high, five-button waistband, purple, brushed-cotton flares . . . with orange pocket-flashes and five inch turn-ups!

I had ID'd this years ago, but failed to leave a note where I could find it, so it's been stuck in the MB folder on the dongle! However cropped out of those old eBay shots (not watermarked) are some figures I think are home-painted on orange plastic - the orange seems to be commonest with the white and yellow less so, Kent Sprecher has one somewhere which looks redder?

Also a shot of earlier box art showing what seems to be the Tim-Mee 30mm downscale appropriated by Milton's design studio with the power-pack the original was carrying, removed.

By the time of the German language edition (Supervogel Operationsbasis on Plaid Stallions), the MB figure had replaced the better looking one in the artwork. Box-art and catalogue art often contains models that never actually leave the factory, either 'as advertised'; or at all!

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