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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

J is for Juguetes Alni

A return visit to the Blog for this Argentinean toy producer, and frankly, they have managed to beat the level of poor quality shown in the first visit with this set of 'Soldiers and Armour'.

Even painted-up and given a diorama background, they manage to make the Atlantic AFV's look sensible! The wheels though look very useful, nice sculpts and I can think of several contemporary toys that would benefit from a tyre-change with these!

The picture doesn't improve when you get the bag open! The figures missing (seen in the artwork); seated and with carbine across body, are both seen in the previous set we looked at here, and seem to make the pose total seven figures as six mouldings.

Shades of Monogram/Revell and both Marx and MPC, can be seen in the sculpts but they appear to be 'based-on' rather than straight pantograph-copies. The ammo boxes are very crude and differ from the round-topped 'pirate' chest seen last time.

A universal 'cradle' takes various items either as direct plug-ins, or attached to a variety of plug-in spindle mountings, swivels or clamps. The rocket has the same tail as last time, but a sharper point and longer middle-bit!

If Alni was teaching young Argentines this is what armies were made of in the 1970's, it's no wonder the Falkland Islands are still called the Falkland Islands! That'll upset some, but really it takes a special kind of stupid to out under-perform the very worst of mid-70's Hong Kong rack-toys, which this set manages!


Corporal_Trim said...

To crib from the musical, perhaps a new song is needed for these: "Don't Make me Cry, Argentina".

Comical post, Hugh. Although I rather like that two man bazooka team figure.

Hugh Walter said...

Heh-heh! Corporal Trim! Yeah-b't-no-b't-yeah-but . . . he's only got one leg! The one he's kneeling on is actually not touching the ground, fades away to nothing and doesn't seem to have a foot!

There are many piracies of the old kit bazooka team from Monogram (Revell, SNAP, UPC et al...+ plus HK 'softies') which is/are just as good and the same 1:35'ish sub-scale. If you need one I can probably sort you?