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Friday, March 3, 2017

L is for Lucky Toys!

At last we get to the justification for my banging-on about Lucky with little or no empirical evidence for the last five posts!

This is the full Lucky base-mark, variations of it are used on branded packaging and can be found under the bodies of Lucky's toy vehicles, the vehicles of its own subsidiary brands (Laurie Toys for instance), as well as the vehicles of other brands or 're-box' importers such as Fairylite and Clifford.

Here we see the mark employed on one of today's 'ovoid based' figures, one of the square based figures from the other day and the underside of my VW Carmen Ghia, otherwise badged (by its box) to Laurie Toys - the same mark appears on the floor underside of the accompanying caravan.

Another figure-set I know I don't have all the members of, or I suppose 'figure batch' is a better term as all these figures appear with the other 'batch' figures in the larger sets, even the firemen sometimes get one of the generic drivers.

Missing from my parade are the guy with a large 1950's style motor-racing engine oil or fuel (very dangerous if so!) can/pourer and a guy with a smaller lap-board or larger clipboard than the two we've previously looked at.

The 'lucky' base also undergoes various changes as it's anonymised for sub-contractors or other reasons, first the whole Lucky element (horseshoe and 'L') are scratched out, then a ¾-blank is employed, that's all cleaned-up and the '' is removed while the code-number is reversed and centred, finally the whole base is re-cut to conform more to the kidney-based figures, there seems to be no 1112 issue of these figures - so far!

Race-goers and Officials (from Tri-ang/Mettoy 'Scalextric' - originally Stadden sculpts?)
540 - Race Official with Finishing Flag
541 - Kneeling Mechanic/Scrutiniser
542 - Spectator Camera
543 - Spectator Waving with Binoculars
Unknown Numbers
? - Guy with Large Oil/Fuel Can/Pourer
? - Guy with Notice Board/Clipboard/Lap Board

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