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Saturday, March 18, 2017

N is for Novelty Erasers

We saw a couple of these the other day with the motorcycle post, so we might as well tick the rest off and move on to something more acceptable to the conservatives!

Another of my purchases from the new Pound-Plus shop, there are about five or six sets, all aping the oeuvre of Iwaco; the others are beyond even my interest; household objects, food, that sort of thing. They all come in the same box/liner, with a different tray insert.

To go with the bikes were four other micro-vehicles; van, ship, 'plane and helicopter, they are all slightly cartoony, a bit short or 'deformed', but I like the way the liners yellow-bit makes a row of lifeboats!

The delivery truck and the helicopter both have plastic parts for the difficult/stressed pieces, these are in a dense ethylene or polypropylene.

Seen the other day and far more realistic, they were the reason for the purchase, along with the fact it was only a quid for the six.
They won't be finding their way onto the jig-puzzle page, as like all these multi-part erasers are only clip-together, there is no mystery to their construction.

I've also obtained the other set that comes within the remit of the Blog (and the collection) in part because I thought it was amusing that two months ago I had no sea-horses, now I have three - remember; more than a pair of anything is a collection!

Again there is a slight cartoonishness to a couple of the models (sea horse and shark) but the basking shark is very good, as it the manta ray, while the turtle will look quite acceptable in the bag of turtles and tortoises currently in storage - not next to the Britains version maybe, but against most of the others.

Only four of them have a constructional element although the sea-horse has a pale plastic tube to hold the plastic eye-rod it shares with the shark's design. The coral will be useful as background scenery for Sci-fi photographs in the future!

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