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Sunday, March 19, 2017

News, Views etc . . . Blue Box + Generic

Brain Berke sent these shelfies with the news that they are back in K-Mart . . . if you are lucky enough to live over the other side of the pond! They never got a release over here the last time (as far as I know - but I'm a retard!) and I haven't seen them over here recently either.

However; I haven't checked the Toysaurus since Christmas and will also have a look in the new Smyth's which had its 'grand opening' in Farnborough last month and the re-ferrb'ed Entertainer in Basingrad, which is due to re-open any day now!

Under the wider BBI - Elite Force branding, Blue Box's tub-set; Battle Group - available now!

Meanwhile I was taking shelfies of my own in Basingrad the other day, at £10.99 it's staying on the shelf and the - roughly 65mm - figures have been around for a while in various sets; branded and unbranded, so just another format.

The toy tank actually looks like a reasonable model of an M46-47 type - road wheels a little small maybe and it's big; better suited to 4/5-inch action figures, but if you've got the space and a spare tenner; it looks like fun!

They say;- "Famous Wind Speed"!

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