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Friday, March 17, 2017

S is for Star Wars I - First Order Snowspeeder

Or flying Machine-gun Nest as I think of it - and why not?!! In a galaxy far-far away, long, long ago, where laptops and mobile technology are strangely absent, but cars can 'fly'; having an airborne MG platform (which probably couldn't hit a barn door from further than 100 feet away!) seems like a good idea!

We've looked at two of these already; the Micro-Machine branded example and the full 'Hasbro' die-cast, this is Mattel's 'Hotwheel' effort, and there is a major difference in the design. As to who got the design wrong; is open to the floor as I haven't seen the latest episodes in the unfolding saga tired franchise.

While the two aforementioned versions have the gunner leaning or reaching out of his seat, Mattel have had him get up, move forward and stand where he is A) in the way of the driver's view, and B) likely to try flying himself if the driver has to take evasive action, or make a sharp turn for any reason!

Some other stuff - photographing something on your own hand is surprisingly hard!. Don't get me wrong (yes - I know some people want to 'get me wrong' out of principle - I feed off their negativity!), the piss-taking is for comedic effect and it's really a nice little model!


Gisby said...

Apparently Mattel has it right for the Snowspeeder.


Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Gisby . . .proper CAD-file!