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Friday, March 17, 2017

S is for Star Wars III - Not Star Wars!

Yes - Jan-Feb was busy for ephemeral, novelty, shite - and most of it at the bottom of the price-scale! We had a new store open in Fleet, a Pound-plus, mentioned earlier today here, it's like Poundland, but carries larger items over a pound (something I notice the new-ownership Poundland has started doing - that'll be the failure of the pound under Brexit - thanks idiots!), although most of the stuff in the toy and stationary sections is a pound.

They have the Disney princess eggs (also TPF Toys/STL) for a pound!

Playing.  I quite like them - at that price (they can be 1.50, or even 1.99 elsewhere!).

They also supply stuff to the 'I buy them so you don't have to' Blog-fodder section, for a pound; these are frankly - fucking hideous! The fact that I had one (it's gone to charity in a bag of bits) was a fact that I have had - albeit temporarily - one too-many! Topwell for Dracco Candy; if you need to know.

Still playing! We haven't finished with this quick overview of capsule toys either, but these were all photographed at the same time.

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