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Sunday, April 23, 2017

F is for Follow-up, to Lucky Toys; Miscellaneous Figures

Not so much 'loose-ends' as just a few figures to be added to last month's posts; there's plenty more to be added to the subject before we get to loose-ends, I'm sure!

I suggested in the past posts that I had another Marx made-in-HK road worker here, in fact I seem to have two, but not the one I was thinking of! I do have a full set in storage ('so we will return . . . ' etc...etc...), but for now here's another two!

I was originally told these (the set, not the two) were prototypes which never went into production, but actually both the figures and the dump truck they are known to have come with (among others) are quite common, I think the speaker was talking of the particular boxing he had, which may have been among the tranche of unique Swansea-factory design/art-shop stuff which came-up at auction about 20 years ago?

While they may be common, the detailing is fine and because they are hard, brittle styrene, they are often damaged, particularly the chap on the left who is usually missing his hammer and a similar pick-axe armed guy.

Speaking of Marx, I've used their Disney dog to scale this addition to the 'probably' Blue Box 50/52mm road workers we also looked at the other day. He looks as if he's been designed to hold something, and may well be a stand-alone figure, possibly a delivery driver for a larger sized Blue Box vehicle? But - he's from the same family as the road workers and in the same pink-plastic, with the same base mark as the ACW and Wild West.

Clifford Fire Engine crew, these are the larger size of HK push-and-go vehicle at around 1:24th scale, with the driver (not a terribly clear shot - sorry) having his arms up at the wheel, the other crewman being a more static pose.

Of a similar size to the firemen is this chap on the left, possibly from a towed boat? There are several towed boats in the HK push-and-go vehicle universe as anyone who followed the links to Planet Die-cast last time, will know. Equally; he could be an ambulance or police vehicle driver?

Next to him is the Blue Box copy of the Dinky farm tractor/combined-harvester driver in hard plastic, while the right-hand shot shows him again with a soft plastic copy of Corgi's similar tractor driver. There are many verstions of the Corgi guy, in hard, soft and vinyl plastic, several from Corgi themselves who were sourcing in Hong Kong, we may have looked at them a while ago, we will return to them one day!

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