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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

G is also for Garden

The least accurate model and the last of the Lego-like'ies, but first a look at the actual walled garden, one of the few restored bits with two dove coops of substantial size which must have kept the garrison in eggs and meat for a portion of the siege, had they also started using pigeons for messages by then, I think they must have?

The model for some reason just shortens the wall to exclude the area now used for picnics on nice days. Despite being a ruin, this is a decent day out and the village of Old Basing has some fine hostelries - while the car park for visiting the old house is also the pub car park for a Wadworth's Inn while coffee, ice cream and snacks are available from the Little Barn vistor's centre

I collaged the above three to make it easier to compare the real with the model. The big tower (a granary?) in the model is long-gone while the space occupied by the square tower at the near-end of the wall is now squatted by a glorified potting-shed which doubles as a small museum of artifacts from the site and some other models, including the Lego garden. A few of those artifacts (mostly tiles - another interest of mine) are shown below, but again; better visited, than vicariously peered at on the Blog!

The signs of burning are from the sacking of the two fortified houses after they fell, the remains of the whole complex are a grassy hill, apart from the garden - off to one side and relatively out of harms way, i dare say it was a bit of a state for a century or two before restoration!

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