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Sunday, April 30, 2017

News, Views Etc...Two Weeks to PW's 32nd Show

Well, it's not even two weeks to the big one! Last time I spoke to the editor - which was a while ago, there was still a spare table left, so if you are thinking of trying selling (or want to display something - it's a 'club meet' after all!), or if you have forgotten to book drop Plastic Warrior a line now, before it's too late

Contact details as hot-links:

Tel: 01483 722778

The old website is to be run-down/retired.

For those thinking of travelling to the show, here's the maps I did a few years ago, with birds-eye views for those who find maps too cryptic! They are getting tired and cluttered so I will try to do some more for the week before the show.

The venue has plenty of parking, a bar, and full toilet facilities. Hot drinks, meals and snacks are served from quite early, everything's on the ground floor and wheelchair friendly (apart from a couple of stalls on the main stage) and it's the best show for rare, unusual and especially British plastic figures - in the world!

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