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Thursday, April 6, 2017

O is for Old Basing

The village/hamlet to which the ruins of Basing House are now abutted.

This plaster model is closer to 15mm (for the gamers among you) and has given very different treatments to the layouts of both complexes, also you can see clearly how the landscape contours would have affected fighting in a way you can't really replicate on a gaming table

You can also see how fortified they were in this simplified architectural model, I count six keeps, a few other blockhouses and a more than a dozen other towers and turrets, both are walled and both [dry] moated along with other walls, banks and ditches. Note also the four bridges and central courtyard between both complexes and the main gatehouse/keep.

It was a formidable objective, raised above the surrounding landscape and with stores for a siege - its eventual taking must have had a negative effect on the Royalist moral and wider war-effort.

The two blurb panels are interesting reading from the period.

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