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Sunday, April 2, 2017

O is for 'Old House' at Basing

In the visitor centre and the entry hut at Basing House there are several Leading Brand Construction Toy models of the various buildings central to the story of the siege of Basing House in the English Civil War, colours of the bricks would suggest that a lot of the construction was carried-out with cheaper 'not so leading brand' bricks!

Behind the display is a photographic display of the building of the models, but it's not easy to digest due to the museum-style rope-barrier and model tables in front of it!

Because of the difficulty of modeling with a fixed dimension format like Kiddybrix-call-me-Lego not everything is properly fixed down and the rather charming fountain/well was looking particularly drunk; equally, not everything is that accurate to the real-life buildings, but with the buildings lost at the end of the siege and little recorded of them prior to destruction - it's open to the interpretation of the artists of the various models, and what is known of the foundations and found-materials.

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