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Saturday, April 22, 2017

R is for Radical Sky!

Continuing to check-up on perennial favourites, we're back with pooper-troopers today, or their close-cousins!

I can't remember if we've seen these before or not, I think we did, but Brian Berke sent me these shelfies in two batches, to show variations in colour and card; the 'A' card having a pyramid of Radical Sky Divers, the 'B' card having the opposite arrangement with two over one. These cartoonish, caricature-types are quite similar to those old, vinyl-rubber 'Poopertroopers' of our childhood.

The Ja-Ru instructions (left) on the reverse of both cards (which also share the #2304 code) show a more common (and sober) design of paratrooper, so have probably been reused from a previous import!

In the middle, I've bought another of The Work's chaps (So I think we've seen him before as well!); previously they only had green or blue ones but I though a red 'Red Devil' was a must, when I saw it!

And - I'm afraid - we've seen these chaps previously here, several times and in MTC branding I think, but this is new card-art (also a Brian shelfie), so if - like me - you're a pooper-trooper hound, you need to know/see this stuff! Mostly Airfix cloning (after a fashion), but the officer in shirt-sleeve order seems more original in design, or is he based on an old Tamiya British AFV crewman?

24th April - In point of fact, apart from  previous views of the MTC guys in different cards (and brands), all the above are new to the blog!

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