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Saturday, April 29, 2017

S is for Something Old

These were also hiding in the Timpo folder in the Timpo zone! And we may have looked at some of it before? Maybe even all of it? Nevermattermind, it will be of some interest to someone!

A group shot 'from the archive', none of these are mine, but it shows two of the Timpolene composition 'planes (believed to be made by Zang, but here labelled to Timpo) and a pair of the similar figures with what may be factory paint, but may be home-paint?

They (the figures) do keep turning-up in different finishes and the trouble with the effort of trying to decide on the decoration is exacerbated by the fact that the average hobbyist in 1940/50-something could daub a bit of gloss to the same level of competence as the out-painters!
Also, this is another of those moments when you think it's fine to push back the date the experts have previously given to the 'stuff's usage, as that is an experimental Whittle 'plane is it not? A late war, not post war machine? The same machine to be seen (controversially) in fibreglass in Farnborough?

This is mine and I'm sure we've seen one of these shots before, but there were two in the folder so I've collaged them together; to tick a box, or 'tick them off'.

Zang's (or Timpo's?) 30mm highlander in working/combat dress (with kilt!), possibly used as a whiskey premium, maybe Haig (who Britains would work with later) or Dewars, and as I said before; he's been broken cleanly at the ankles and glued back together.

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