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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A is for Apropos . . .

. . . a couple of 'follow ups' that I flagged I'd post last week - and yesterday!

Apropos the Dulcop 50-mils I got off Andreas at Plastic Warrior two weeks ago; . . .

Here are a few different-sized versions of what are ultimately all Marx piracies, although some sources think Elio Simonetti (not Emlio! Suckers . . . not shadowing me much!) may have sculpted for Marx, so they'd all be his work, as Musgrave, Erikson or Stadden also repeated favourite poses.

There's little between the three ranges - a couple of pose changes or plastic colour variations, the Dulcop set is the more original with new poses, and the lasso pose has a holster on the right hip and a left arm bent the other way.

The Italians on their own.

Apropos yesterday's post on the mini, white-metal, circus stuff I got at Sandown Park this weekend just gone; here's a line-up of the elephants currently known in the same sculpt!

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