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Sunday, May 7, 2017

B is still for Baseball!

These were donated to the Blog by Brian Berke and they are fun! Imported into the US by JPW, they're probably a bit harder to find this side of the pond, but you might try the big craft superstores, where they may be sitting with Wilton's stuff in the cake decorating sector?

Two teams, red and blue, it's almost like war-gaming! Indeed - I'm sure an enterprising cove from that branch of grownups-and-toys (they all seem to call each other 'cove'!) could fix-up some dice-based rules? There used to be pocket cricket, after all, if you can game cricket with a rolling brass hex/drum and stub of pencil, you should be able to sort something out with these chaps!

Each figure is unique due to a number on their shirt-back, although the three fielders are basically the same pose. And I'm afraid the catcher is one of those surprisingly common - within the hobby - poses that begs the ear-worm . . .  ♫ Maaah Maaa-aham-meiiiiii♫

Thanks Brian!


Anonymous said...

makes you wonder they could do them in team strip?


Hugh Walter said...

Funny Dan - I was chatting to Brian about it yesterday, team colours, individual players, 'lucky shirt-numbers' taken on transfer to a new team, famous individuals....but they won't give these ranges a chance, Lego even flirted with both football and basketball back in the 1990's/2000's (?), but dropped them before they'd had time to build a fan-base!