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Saturday, May 13, 2017

N is for Nomm-Nomm-Nommnivore and No Toy Soldiers

None, Nix, Nada, Non, Nien, Niet, No! No-no-no-no-no, NO! All the toy soldiers worth looking at today are in Twickenham; didn't you know? Better get yer' skates on; the doors open in an hour-and-a-half!

But you want something to look at first huh?

How cool is this? This is too cool for Panzerschule! When I mentioned Paladone-Noki the other day (giant Guardsman sponge/Roman arse-wipe thing) it put me in mind of another modern Novelty company; 50-Fifty, who had a cast metal bottle-opener in the shape of Tim Mee's crawling GI.

Now this 'putting to  mind' happened as I was perambulating through the teeming metropolis that is Fleet High Street, so I thought "Ooh,  the hardware store was where I got that other 50-fifty thing" so I popped into Robert Dyas and asked if they had the bottle opener - they didn't - they'd had a pirate one!

But then on the way back out of 'The Glass Menagerie' (as the main shopping centre is referred to round these parts) I popped over the road into the British Heart Foundation's [charity/thrift-] shop and they had this tank!

Bargain! It is actually Paladone - so some kind of synergic happenstance there - and must have come before the Guardsman egg-cup - which they are currently advertising - for it to have had time to get old'ish looking (and a bit sticky - eeuw!).

Although Two things: 1) looking at the size and shape of the cup; I think it may be better for poached eggs, and 2) E-1 while possibly meaning Egg-one, could also be seen as Ei, or egg in German . . . so what I think we are looking at here; ladies and gentlemen, yet to be seen in Jane's Defence Weekly, are the first snaffled shots from behind the kitchen curtain of that rare beast, the Par-boil Panzer!

It comes with a soldier-maker - for dipping! I assume it's the same mould as has been reused in red-plastic for the current Guardsman?

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Hugh Walter said...

A boxed one appeared in Help The Aged the other day, it comes with an Action man (GI Joe) sized M1 helmet to cover the hot egg!