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Saturday, May 27, 2017

P is for Plunder Post - 4. Tail-end Charlie

So to the last of the plunder posts for this year, never mind it's Sandown Park today, something nice may turn-up there!

A bag of Zombies, a bag of Corgi, a bag of farmers and bags more other stuff! I think the ancients are by Applause (or Toyway?) but haven't checked, they were in Plastic Warrior a while back and I think I may already have them and some of the doctors & nurses (or Egyptians?) in storage, but they were cheap and I know I need some bases, so I bought them!

The bag top left may have been from Brian or Trevor, or someone else who should get a name check, but I can't remember who gave it to me or whether I bought it! I do remember a discussion with someone over its contents which are rack-toy mainly, Marty and Marty-clones, a few Airfix-clones, some Bravestar (Hing Fat?) and a smattering of DFC fantasy, a diver and some ninjas!

Apologies for the question marks but I've been busy in the garden all week and am now writing this at 5am Friday as I have to go to Basingrad tomorrow-today and then it's Sandown the next day!

A bit blurry but it's too late to re-take it - half the stuff was put away a week ago! Mostly from Adrian Little's Mercator Trading stall and it's 'spot the highlight' really! A bit of Polish, a bit of Premium, Lone Star sailor in good paint with both flags, a really nice Tudor Rose Walker of a bear, the Airfix has already gone on that blog and it's not just the Airfix flat trees I've got 'a thing' about -  flat scenery just goes so well behind the figures on shelves!

We've seen most of this now, I'm not sure what's in the bag bottom left, some Marx 'HO' bits maybe and an Aberdeen Angus from China? Dunno what the two silver bits are! A couple of nice Merten's and a camp-fire; well - if you haven't got a camp-fire you won't stay warm huh?!

Fontanini PVC cow from the Middle East via Italy! The Kellogg's/Peek Frean's/Tatra chap was only got for the MIP element! The 'Japan' made bear looks to be a plaster-filled celluloid model, but is in-fact a very solid, heavy, styrene one.

I think I've got a better Monaco guard (?) somewhere with his trouser still painted (from the 2009 PW show?), but at a show everything's a bit hurried and the odd thing gets through that afterward you think 'Did I really need to?' and he may be one of them. I love the jeeps, only HK rack-toy tat, but early'ish, in good nick and one's clearly a Rooskie - in red!

Mid sort and something's sticking out like a sore thumb, not the semi-flat sailor-boy charm in orange-red (actually - he is a bit!), not the green rack-toy diver, nor the blue French cheapie combat infantryman, not even the yellow paratrooper, no, what's shining like a diamond in the rough is a rather tatty, damaged key-ring, earworm disguised as. . .

. . . ♫♪ a rinky-dink panther . . . ♪ And it's as plain as your nose . . . that he’s the ooone aand oooown' 'ley ♫ truly-ori'gin'nal; ♫ panth'erpink from head tooo-toewwww! ♪♫ . . .



Jan Ferris said...


As always, it has been pleasure to browse through your plastic bits.


Hugh Walter said...

As always Jan; it's a pleasure to receive praise! Only I'm going to be humming the Pink Panther theme for another day now....Drat, drat and double drat.....heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-!