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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

S is for See; Told You So!

Also available in blue!

It would be a bit crap if I left it there wouldn't it, a simple display of my ability to predict what I saw in the shop! Tobar for Hawkins Bazaar and others, as I said the other day when we looked at the red one, they were also in blue, but there may be other colours elsewhere, I suspect not, but there may be! Anyway; I was passing, I had the prerequisite 99p on me and I heard him calling!

As we were looking at larger figures the other day and these have been in the folder for too long waiting for a superhero post, courtesy of Brian Berke (you knew that - his 'berserker' is showing the true size of these 6" behemoths!) are these two Marx 1:12th scale Marvel characters; Spiderman and Captain America, also in blue, so filling-out a neat post - if I say so myself! Only 29¢ - those were the days huh?

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