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Sunday, May 21, 2017

T is for Two Large Mounted Figures

Continuing to look at the stuff I photographed at Plastic Warrior a week ago, and like yesterday - bigger stuff; as we had Hong Kong second yesterday, they can go first today!

How lovely is this? Possibly (probably) a copy of an American or Canadian touristy thing he's only about five inches, so he'd be a bit small next to Reliable or Marx 6" Indians, but still a fine figure, he has a separate plug-in tomahawk and is probably missing reins as well as his left hand!

Years ago when I worked for a dealer we had a whole boxful of these - foot and mounted - and they looked pretty bad in my memory; seeing one in the flesh did nothing to lessen the shock of the things!

Landi-Xiloplasto-Nardi late-type mounted Roman, seems to have been sculpted by the same person who did Atlantic's Romans and painted by a Philistine on his day-off! What? What else do you want me to say? Expressive sculpting? . . . It's been modelled in pre-chewed bubble-gum with the blunt-end of a tooth-brush! Expressionist painting? . . . It's painted like the furniture in a bordello, fer-f's-sake! Still - If I'd had the budget I would have bought it!

And yes - the carpet at the Winning Post is a tad 1970's leery; almost as leery as the Nardi figure!

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