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Sunday, May 14, 2017

T is for Two - Modern Board Games

I've been busy going round the charity shops this spring - all those unwanted Christmas presents starting to filter through - and among recent purchases were these two board games, both recent, and both on the wants list for the pieces only.
This came out about 10 years ago, from Toy Brokers and was quite expensive at the time, but the Daleks looked good, so I made a mental note to look-out for it at 'car boots' or charity shops and sure enough, a minter came in to one for two-quid!
I've kept the six Dalek's, the six Doctor flats with their full-colour, photo-artwork and the electronic Tardis (which is not bad size-wise for 54mm figures), along with the instructions to scan into the files. The rest went straight in the recycling bin!
I wanted the cat as soon as it was announced (2012/13?) so this one has come-in quite quickly, but then like lipsticking a pig, there's only so any Monopoly sets needed in a world where most families have one, no matter how 'limited' or 'new' you make it (this one as a 'speed die' for faster play!), and the best selling thing in the world will eventually run-out of customers!
The dog has shrunk, the boot has been replaced by the more traditional slipper and had a tread added for the first time, the cruiser and Car have both reverted to older looking versions (although that happened a while ago) and the Iron was cut for the new cat.
Both the wheelbarrow and thimble have also taken a hit, size wise with the barrow being about the worst version ever. The thimble of my childhood used be usable as a thimble, this one wouldn't go over a little finger!
The giant Formula 1 board-game project is starting to look very doable now, with all these being new (the ones we looked at way back when are in storage now) although we've looked at some of them here in other novelty posts; I've definitely got an orange team now, a dark green and silver/grey to replace the Black, but gold, pink and light blue are looking good, and all the teams could have three cars!
I am now starting to think about building the 'board' as an all-weather outdoor track using Italian glass mosaic-tesserae!

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