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Monday, May 22, 2017

T is for Two Oddities

The last 'T is for Two' post of things I shot at Twickenham a week ago, with a couple of oddments to close . . .

These are just sublime in their madness! Argentine (or 'believed to be Argentinian') copies in polyethylene of Elastolin/Lineol type composition World War One, 70mm, German Infantry! Factory painted, the printed-fabric wallpaper only adds to the madness - enjoy!

This was unmarked and while the driver seems to be home-painted to confuse slightly, the dabs of silver seem original and point to Hong Kong rather than 'Western' origins, however I'm sure it's a copy of a Tudor Rose, Rafael Lipkin or similar toy, maybe even a scale-up of an early Matchbox or Corgi model? I liked it. About 1:40th and soft polyethylene plastic.

Thanks to Adrian at Mercator Trading for letting me photograph these.


Terranova47 said...

The dumpster looks like a copy of the Tri-ang Minic one that was a very bright orange plastic from mid 50's

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Terranove! I was 'hedging my bets' on that one!

It's funny, you grow up with things in the toy box and they induce a sense of timelessness, to the point when you're surprised to notice the changes in the real world, in fact the changes are incremental and each manufacturers model is more up-to-date than the last, but the 'norm' is what's in your toy box, not what's on the building sites!