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Thursday, May 11, 2017

V is for Visit, Spring Visit . . .

. . . to The Works, which proved fruitful, if only to add more ephemeral polymer shite to the stash!

So this was 6-quids-worth of plunder, booty or barrel scrapings - depending upon your point of view! A Dorling Kindersley tome on Kiddybricks-call-me-Lego [do you know; I sometimes spell that ...bricks, sometimes ...briks and sometimes ...brix, yet I have all the notes on a dongle less than two meters away, the only thing preventing me from correcting myself is fucking laziness, and the fact that I know the Tag's right!], a pack of chinosaur dinorasers and a rather nice little Ankylosaurus.

They made a Fergie! I may not know much about anything, but I know that's an MF 135/165 body-shape or my name's Serwin 'Eell! Other than a picture of my old steed, the book is crap, being yet another DK-Lego  inspired marketing exercise in saying nothing with lots of pictures, and most of them are of pretty common fish, still at four-pounds it will add some colour to the bookshelf!

Branded to the same 'Fun Workz' as those risible, n'th-generation copy, propylene, hidiosities we looked at a week or two ago, these are a bit better - imported by TWSL (The Works Stores Limited?) - more erasers; it seems everyone has a set of dinosaur rubbers at the moment, it's the third or forth set we've looked at in less than 12 months! And they had both my favorite greens (apple and puke or is it grass and camel-dung?!!) in one bag - bargain!

The rear of the Ankylosaurus card shows six sculpts, well . . . I saw three of the others and while the Triceratops is worth a punt if they've still got some next time I'm passing and feeling pound-flush, the other two (top right and bottom centre) were disappointing lumps of wasted polymer in the flesh; so I doubt I'll be adding them to the pile - until they turn-up in a cheepie lot a few years hence!

However the Kandytoys model of an Ankylosaurus is a nice little sculpt, about in-scale with Airfix Tarzan figures should you be going down the 'Lost World/Centre of the Earth' path, and you can see how the design of the erasers is semi-flat, even though they are fully round, with the legs sort of welded into one!

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