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Monday, June 12, 2017

B is for Best Toy Ever - Again

We have had several 'Best Toys' now (I think this is the forth) and I'm pretty sure I've tagged that, if not I will when I post this so you can compare and decide if you agree with any of them!

'Mechanical Machine Gunner' . . . I'd suggest the box is very early Airfix'y, but one of the PSTSM might burst a blood-vessel and "...other brands were available". This is the Best Toy Ever since the last Best Toy Ever, which wasn't here on Small Scale World, and wasn't that long ago - a parachuting, fully-armed, sentient simian - how cool is that?!

Cooler, and probably more intelligent than the PSTSM, that's how cool. Funny how they all ended-up talking English with a slightly American accent - the armed-simians that is; I can't speak for the PSTSM, they probably just grunt at one another.

360° free-fire zone! Legs splayed, back padded with the large pack and rest'able against the sandbag wall - give him enough ammunition and old Ma' Atkins little boy will give the enemy hell 'till it freezes over!

He winds himself-up (back to the PSTSM!) with ease and key-less'ly, although his past exertions have split the bottom of the toy which is current BEST TOY EVER!

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