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Saturday, June 3, 2017

K is for Kickabout

From yesterdays sublime to today's frankly faintly ridiculous, but they all have a place in the small scale world!

First seen in the spring, the new in-house branding of Funworkz or Fun Workz as it is here has now featured three times in these pages I think? Aimed at kids it's really an executive 'desk toy' and as such; just the sort of thing we can give ourselves permission to buy - especially at a quid a pop! Mr Trump seems determined to end the world early, so enjoy what you can while you can . . .

. . . with a little kickabout on the desk or coffee table! The four traffic cones supplied with the set allow for a penalty shoot-out with a mate, offspring or partner, while a bit of chicanery is the solo opption. A bit of practice might allow for keepie-uppie using the player as a bat?

Having only recently qualified in CAD myself, I can tell you that this is all the money in the bag as far as development costs go, and it's a beautiful solution to the problem posed; wanting the black hexagons and white pentagons to be made out of the different two colours rather than painted on or hinted-at in the moulding (like old gum-ball or Subbuteo balls), it's basically an 'Iwako eraser' married to a jig-toy/puzzle!

While complicated to CAD-up, it's a simple exercise in geometry, but it would take a day or two (like that bloody Dalek's head!) to get right as you have to build it out of polygonal-cones, then work out which ones will be white, which black, the subtract or union the two groups into the main five final-sections, then deal with the unseen interior, cutting-up and awarding that space to the different sections and then work out how to hold them all together with the two plugs - I would have loved to watch this going through its development!

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