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Friday, June 16, 2017

Stadswatch - Really?

I see Stadinger is still bleating about Fontanini like an arsehole full of shit! Really, he thinks he's finally scored a point and he's going to labour it 'till Labour Day! The man's a fucktard. [http://www.stadsstuff.com/?p=9559]

You can almost hear the saliva hitting the screen as he rants like a fuck-witted fuckwit.

1 - He is now complaining about stuff I haven't included! I did a six-parter and he's winging because something's not there? Not 'in it'!

Covered my arse - obviously wasn't that bothered about the minutia of the thing; in what was a conversational post about a larger subject.

While it's heartening to know that someone took the trouble to show him how to use a computer, it's worrying that they've now left him unsupervised in front of one! Where's his carer, for fuck's sake?

He produces an ' article' on Cané which he as good as admits is taken from two copyrighted Italian books, neither of which is acknowledged in the text (nor are the authors named), illustrates it with images that have been around the Internet for so long most of us already have them in our archives and then has the neck, the gall, the dumb-as-fuck stupidity to make my not naming someone a bloggable 'offence', the man's a fucking moron!

2 - Bit of paranoia setting in there Paul? Or are you just too stupid to comprehend English? I haven't put words in you mouth.

3 I said it - I have used what you said to suggest [myself] that Mr. Lemmon was influenced by Mr. Simonetti as Mr. Simonetti had established his style a decade or so before Mr Lemmon's similarly styled figures started appearing!

Fuck! Too stupid, too funny for a comedy sketch, yet; tedious, risible stuff!

Anyway you'll be pleased to hear I'll be box-ticking Sanitarium tomorrow, which will enable me to remove a link to you from the A-Z posts - one less connection between us! You ignorant, illiterate, unschooled, plagiarist, twat.

More here - where you will also see I didn't say the other thing either! Yawn.


Anonymous said...

im feeling your pain scw! It is like he doesn't no what he is actually saying much?


Hugh Walter said...

Hi Andy - Yup . . . well complaining about my lack of research into Elastolin on a post about Fontanini has taking it to a new level of stupid, but stupid is as stupid does!